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Entire WWE Thursday Night Smackdown Taping Results for 11/12/2015 [Spoilers]

Entire WWE Thursday Night Smackdown Taping Results for 11/12/2015 [Spoilers]:

What’s up for Smackdown?

Great match. Balor additionally cleaned house at ringside on Conor. Lovers understood who Balor burst huge for him and was. In addition they loud chanted NXT.

1. Adam Rose is beaten by Jack Swagger with the ankle lock. Before the match, Rose cut a promo for almost killing his career, attributing all of the enthusiasts, by making him consider the Exotic Express gimmick proved to be wise.

2. Heath Slater is beaten by Damian Sandow.

3. Sasha Banks beat the Banks Statement against Becky Lynch. Ok match.

For Smackdown:

1. Fandango was crushed by Braun Strowman, getting the better of him with his sleeper finisher in 90 seconds.

2. Great match. Neville had some excellent places, including doing a somersault senton on to Barrett and walking the ringside barricade. Neville win together with the Red Arrow.

Next came a dark section, only for the enthusiasts in stadium.

Barrett said the last 48 hours hadn’t gone to plan and stayed in the ring. Barrett said he usually would’ve without breaking a sweat, overcome Neville but had Wayne Rooney on his head. Barrett said he’ll go to Stamford implore Vince never to return to Manchester and to see him at the ending of the week.

Undertaker came out to a vast reaction. Undertaker entered the ring and did his large entry. Barrett was uproarious here. The Barrett said, to much bunch laughter, “Can I help you conjugate? You are on the incorrect side of the tracks teammate. They do not call Barrett the Preston Panther for nothing! The Barrett’m sick of outsiders coming into my lawn. Barrett went up walk out, subsequently assaulted Taker. Taker subsequently laid him out with two Tombstones & a choke slam. This was excellent.

3. Ryback is beaten by Kalisto in the WWE title tournament in an upset. Astonishingly adequate match. Ryback was used by Kalisto as a foundation to do all his flying about. Bunch popped enormous for the upset.

Common stuff about the English being despised and Manchester had two soccer teams that split the city, also it’d be better if we were all ‘unified in mankind’.

4. Not much heat, provided it was heel vs heel. Del Rio won in the corner after a double foot stomp on Stardust.

Roman Reigns did a backstage promo, vowing to defeat Cesaro in the quarter finals on Raw and win the title at Survivor Series. He said he was not interested in selling out or shortcuts.

5. In the key event, the Usos beat Erick Rowan, Luke Harper & via DQ, when Bray Wyatt & Strowman hindered.

The Undertaker’s music played, and sound of Taker’s voice played over the PA system, taking Wyatt’s challenge for the Survivor Series.

Following the show, in a primary occasion that is dreary, Roman Reigns beat Bray Wyatt in a match that is quick. They changed Reigns and Kendo stick shots won with a spear.

Nothing dramatic or remarkable but everyone went home happy.

I take a shortcut or believe with Reigns always vowing not to sellout, I actually believe a swerve, with Barrett winning the title with the Authority’s help and turning heel (on Ambrose) . Throw in a programme with Cena overly at some point. Looks the most effective direction to me.