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Essential Kitchen Tools

7 Necessary Kitchen Tools Every Cook Need to Have

Regardless of whether you want to become a master chef or not, it is impossible to deny the necessity of good equipment for cooking. Today we will be talking about excellent kitchen tools everyone who prepares food needs to have! 

Recent years have been genuinely marked by raising awareness of the significance of proper nutrition. Because information on the relation of food and health comes from all sides, many of us are introducing changes in our daily eating habits. 

Planning and preparing meals, however, often require a lot of time that most don’t have. It makes many people look for healthier options for eating out. But eating out also comes with its downsides – you have to take time to choose adequate restaurants, make sure they have a variety of meals and so on. Of course, it also puts quite a strain on the budget if you eat out each day.

Fortunately, though, there is no reason to worry. There are so many excellent kitchen tools that can enable you to prepare your meals quickly. Furthermore, the best thing is that when you have these kitchen tools and gadgets, you can make fantastic food for yourself and your family and friends even if you aren’t a super-skilled professional chef.

In this text, we compiled a list of what feel are some of the best kitchen gadgets that you must have.

Best Kitchen Tools

When talking about what is kitchen tools, we will say that by this, we have in mind all the equipment that is designed to help and make cooking more comfortable and more enjoyable. These can be pots, electronic appliances, utensils, and so on. Let’s take a look at our selection of kitchen tools and their uses. 

1. Meat Thermometer

Meat thermometer
Image by Larry White from Pixabay

For years people have relied on their skills and senses to understand when the meat is done. But things changed now, and you don’t have to poke the roast with the fork. A meat thermometer is one of the must-have kitchen tools. It is the best gadget that can tell you precisely when your meat reaches your ideal level of readiness.

There are analog and digital models. Some digital thermometers are s high tech to the point that some of them can even be controlled remotely through the app that you can install on your phone.

2. Hand Blender

Whit kitchen tools such as blender cooking go to another dimension because you can effortlessly make everything you imagine. It allows you to enjoy smoothies, soups, dips, spreads, and so on just the way you like the. Additionally, working with a hand blender is practically effortless, and it doesn’t take up a lot of space on your kitchen counter. Moreover, hand blenders are relatively cheap and thus affordable for any budget.

3. Lunch Box

If you want to make sure to eat healthily, the best you can do is bring your own lunch to work. For this, of course, you will need the right lunch box. What is particularly lovely about lunch boxes is that they have thermoregulation features, so it is possible to pack cold or hot food and be sure that it will stay the way you want it by the time you want to eat.

4. Chef’s Knives

Chef knives
Image by catceeq from Pixabay

Well, if you ever get a chance to talk with chefs, they will tell you that it is essential to have good knives in the kitchen. Those that we discussed this topic with recommended that chef’s knives are included in your stainless steel kitchen tools set. Whatever dish you are preparing, it will be much simpler with this type of knife.

5. Chopping Board

We are sure cutting board isn’t the first on your mind when we are talking about kitchen tools that you must have. Even though a lot of people don’t pay so much attention to it, the truth is that the quality and the materials are critical when choosing these basic kitchen tools. For example, if possible, you should avoid glass cutting boards for two reasons. One is that they can cause damage to your knives, and second, it is not uncommon that the blade escapes, and you get hurt. Much better options are plastic or wooden cutting boards.

Chopping board
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

6. Rice Cooker

It is one often undervalued appliance probably because a lot of people believe that it is designed only to cook rice. In reality, not only that, it makes the cooking of rice much more straightforward, but you can use it for many other things. For example, you can make oatmeal, soups, poach fruit, make risotto, and so on. When shopping for new tools try and find tools that can be used for more than one thing in the kitchen/

7. Vegetable Spiralizer

Are you in the mood for pasta but worried about gaining weight? Well, then vegetable spiralizer is just what you need. It is one of excellent kitchen designer tools that can turn various vegetables like zucchini, potatoes, carrots, and so on in beautiful low-calorie spaghetti. 


All these and many other kitchen tools are designed to make our time in the kitchen more comfortable and more pleasant. They are pretty popular because, as you can see, it is possible to use them effortlessly and without any preexisting cooking experience. We hope that you enjoyed the text and that we will hear your opinion about the choices that we made. Also, we would like to hear if there are some excellent tools that you use when cooking that we didn’t mention? 

Author’s bio: Rich is a journalist and a blogger from Montpelier, Vermont. He is working for Different websites for the past year and a half. Ten years ago, he discovered that cooking is one of his passions and decided to learn more about it. Along the way, he understood the importance of having a well-equipped kitchen. In his free time, he likes to play basketball with his friends.

Featured Photo by Mike from Pexels