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Essential Tips Before Applying for A Green Card in the US

Having a green card or PRC (Permanent Resident Card) in the United States is so promising. Yet, not so easy to obtain. There are a bunch of options for you to applying for a green card. However, they are not as easy as it seems. Not to mention the long and tedious time duration before it needs to be processed. Hmm, don’t forget as well the interview stage where most of the applicants failed. 

And that is not so encouraging to know and somewhat, a bit intimidating.

Well, it does not always have to be that way. In fact, at the end of this article, you will discover something unique method on how to apply to obtain the card in a faster and easier way! 

And you know what? This method is not so popular, and unfortunately, not everyone who knows this is willing to share it with others. 

And you know what else? You are lucky today to hear this little-known way on how to make your application smoother than others. If that is something you crave to know, you need to read this article thoroughly. 

USCIS / Public domain

1. Research 

If you’re planning on applying for a green card or PRC in the United States, then doing your assignment, like research, will avoid you from any unexpected disappointment. Okay – doing research is excellent. But knowing the proper way on how to do it, is another advantage you can have. 

Information can now be available at our fingertips. While that’s true, that is also dangerous. It might quickly put you to a position where you become nonsense, and guess what, deny your application. So when doing your research, always check their credentials and their real intention. 

When it comes to applying for a green card, a lawyer like Michael Ashoori is one of the reliable lawyers you can find in the US for immigration processes. 

If you discover possible questions, the interviewer might ask something that can put you in an excellent position to shoot reliable answers to increase your application’s approval chance.

Again, reliable resources when doing research is crucial, especially if you want to make your application approved. 

2. Discover This Unique, Faster, and Easier Method 

Have you heard about NIW? That is the acronym for National Interest Waiver. This method is not so popular because of its unique application way. Read more here to discover why it is sturdy and why it makes the application processed faster and easier. 

3. Know your options 

These are the three usual ways of applying for a green card or PRC (Permanent Resident Card). Here, we will tell you something that is not so popular about obtaining the card. And guess what? You can use it for your advantage when you want to obtain a green card more straightforward and faster. 

A. Family-based green card application. This way is the most popular method of applying for a green card.  The rule is simple. If you have a very close relative who is currently a US citizen, then your chance to obtain it is quite reasonable. 

Family-based green card application
Image by Eduardo Davad from Pixabay

B. Refugee or Asylee. This method of obtaining the card, like any method, has a rule. The rule for refugees is that they must file their card application after living in the United States for a year.

The rule for Asylee is quite different. They’re not required to file their application for the card. Both don’t have to send an application for an immigrant petition. 

Filling immigrant petition, like I-130 or I-140, is not needed for both Refugee and Asylee only if the requirements for green card application have been met. 

C. Employment-based green card application. This application method is a long and somewhat tricky way because you and your potential employer should meet the requirements. The employer should have done advertisements, conducted interviews, and need to secure approval from the Department of Labor before the company proceeds with a foreign worker job application. 

That is the reason why hiring outside the country is a problematic way. The process is too long, and some possible workers tend to feel intimidated. 

Always remember that you should be prepared about the tedious and a bit costly processing of your green card. This might not be an easy task, but I assure you it will all be worth it.

Featured Photo by Fabian Fauth on Unsplash