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eMudra Digital Signature

A digital signature is an authentic digital code of electronic documents. This process guaranteed the user’s signature has not been altered. It is a very useful way to detect documents related to fraud cases. eMudhra digital signature empowers the digitalization and customer values. Their unique mix of enterprise and consumer solutions attracts the customer to buy a digital signature for official and legal purpose. Their innovative solutions to different issues enhance their caliber. They have the vision to be at the good position of governance identity and as the become the best data security provider. Their work excellence has brought them a valuable award from the United Nations.

Creating A Digital Signature

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A digital signature created by obtaining a digital certificate. This is very much needed because if a user wants to create a self-signed certificate then there will be an issue of verification and authentication. Then the signatures need to be verified manually to avoid the trust issue which happens to be very difficult sometimes. So, it is very much reliable to buy digital signature from trusted companies like eMudhra digital signature. We are giving the trusted and updated service to our customers over the past decades.

The Work Process of Digital Signature

This is a numerical set numerical sequence with mathematical values done by specific computer software. If the users want to create their signatures some steps need to be followed. There are two main sides for using a digital signature, one is the sending process and the receiving process.

Sending process

To send a document with the digital signature the following steps need to follow-

  1. Select the file to be digitally signed.
  2. The hash value of the file content to be calculated by computer software.
  3. Then the hash value is converted code with the private signing key to creating a digital signature.
  4. Now, the original file with the newly created digital signature can be sent to others.

Receiving process

There are some steps need to be followed to decrypt digitally signed papers.

  1. Decrypt the digital sign by using the sender’s private signing key.
  2. Calculate and compare the hash value of the original file.
  3. Then the receiver can open the file for further process.

Types of Digital Signature

Different types of digital signature are available in the market to support and encourage digital document processing.

  • Microsoft word supports- this allows to create a visible and nonvisible signature.
  • Adobe supports- this process give support for the approval and certified the digital signature.

Benefits of eMudhra Digital Signature

Signing confidential documents is a very salient deed. The future of a company sometimes depends on an important signature. At the age of fast digitalis work process digital signature is very significant. Here are some unignorable benefits of using eMudhra digital signature service.

  1. Strengthen the security of documents- Our digital signature service keep the confidential information and the signature secret as per our customer’s requirement. Our high-class technical guards are very much efficient in securing all information from internet hackers and malicious schemes.
  2. Less costly- After using our digital signature service our users realize the utility of the whole process. It cuts the huge production cost on paper and printing. Not only that, but it also saves the printer maintenance cost. These types of everyday cost-cutting can give a high profit to our users.
  3. Time-saving–  A huge number of papers and sheets need to print in different organizations. For printing and reprinting so many papers and then sign them manually is a very time-consuming process. Having our digital signature can save a lot of time and energy to work. The huge pile of papers can be signed within a minute if people buy digital signature.
  4. Improve the workflow- Organizing confidential papers with physical signs in correct chronological order is quite tiresome to work. This suppressed the workflow. If people buy digital signature and increase the using.  So that within a minute the whole process of creating a file, corrections, refiling and send to the clients can be done easily. eMudhra digital signature helps their users to work efficiently, excellently, as a result, the workflow can become superb.

We believe in long term retention and access. eMudhra Digital Signature has universal legal acceptance. Our existing customers completely rely on our service and we also have a good reputation of verification and authenticity of a digital signature.

Different Using of Digital Signature

Digitalization of documents has increased the use of digital signatures. Any type of digital documents can get the proper validation by using a digital signature. There are several places where people can use the digital signature.

  • For personal use- People can use a digital signature on every personal digital document for security purposes.
  • For business purpose- Digital signature can be used in digital documents to send to business partners, investors, shareholders. The signs can be used in the engineering and construction purpose to sign the deals also. It gives a good flow to the business.
  • For e-filing different tax- Invention of the digital signature is an excellent process to file different taxes like income tax, GST filing, ROC filing easily. E-filing is now one of the most easier, faster, efficient and convenient options to complete a work. Several companies need to submit numerous files to Registrar of Companies in India all over the year. So for them apply digital signature in e-filing is a great relief.
  • Finance and insurance sector- Several sectors like Insurance companies, application of loan, mortgage, buying and renting properties both the customers and the authority found digital signature is a convenient and comfortable option to work. Authentication of signatures helps both side people to close a deal properly.

Create A Digital Signature

A digital signature is created and applied online. It gives an extra level of security to the digital documents.

Digital sign in a document whether it is a self-made document or an attached link, needs to follow some steps.

  • Open the document with an electronic signature tool.
  • Sometimes the tool may ask to sign in. So follow the instructions and start or sign it.
  • Follow the next several options one by one.
  • Verify the user’s identity and follow the instructions to add your digital signature in the document.

Importance of Digital Certificate

  • A digital certificate is a very much important matter. It provides the public key which can provide the proper validation of the signature. The certificate makes the signature authentic.

How to Apply Digital Signature in a Word File Document

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The whole process of inserting a digital signature in a word file is very simple.

  • Click on the ‘Insert’ tab and click on a ‘pen holding’ icon. Then two options will appear.
  • Click on Microsoft office line option and then a signature set up box will appear where people need to fill certain tabs. Press ok.
  • ‘On’ the signature line. An ‘X’ box will appear, type the user name.
  • Click on ‘select image’ option.

Different Classes of Digital Signature

A digital signature provides different kinds of certificates.

  • Class 1certificate- This certificate is issued for individual personals.
  • Class 2 certificate- This certificate is issued for the directors of the Registrar of Companies.
  • Class 3 certificates- This certificate is for online participation in the e-auction.

A digital signature is a harmless process to use in business deal purpose. Multiple applications can be signed within a minute. The authentication of the individual digital signature secures the documents from the frauds.

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