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Everything You Need to Know About Domestic Charges

No matter what the conditions surrounding your altercation are, having domestic charges brought against you is a damaging event. Luckily, you can educate yourself on the subject and bring about a more favorable result. Below, we help you do so by explaining some crucial details pertaining to domestic charges.

Domestic Charges

One Person Will Likely Be Arrested

There are two ways in which domestic charges are given. The first is when someone hires a lawyer and submits the charges to the court. The second is when one party calls the police during an altercation. If the latter case describes your situation, there is a good chance that the more aggressor will be arrested. This assertion is true even when the party that called the police decides that they do not want to proceed with an arrest. The reasoning behind this policy is that it protects victims.

You Need to Call a Lawyer Right Away

If you end up going to jail, your next action is crucial. What you should do is call a lawyer as soon as possible. Doing so will set you up for quickly solving this problematic situation. Some of the things an attorney can do for you are getting you off on bail, making the terms of your bail agreement favorable, arguing your side of the domestic altercation, getting your punishment lessened, getting the charges dropped, and convicting your partner. No matter what side of the equation you’re on, legal expertise is necessary.

Get Bail as Soon as Possible

As we mentioned above, a skilled attorney can help you get off on bail. What this means is that you can leave jail and live your life until you resolve your case. This provision is massively important, as an extended period in prison can lead to losing your job, not being able to see your loved ones, emotional suffering, and a variety of other tragic consequences.

You Must Adhere to Bail Guidelines

As you might imagine, getting out on bail doesn’t mean total freedom. Instead, you should act responsibly and adhere to all of the guidelines that the judge gives you. A few typical examples include not contacting your partner, looking for them during their daily schedule, possessing weapons, or breaking any laws. You need to do everything you can to stay out of jail, so following these provisions is a smart idea.

Domestic Charges are More Severe Than Most

While assault charges are incredibly serious, your domestic altercation could be even more damaging. The reason is that the law sees domestic abuse as a more significant issue than almost any other. As a result, you can expect severe punishment from a conviction on these charges.

You Could Be Convicted Under Strange Circumstances

The following is a situation that often plays out in domestic cases.

● One party reports the other for abuse.
● The legal proceedings begin.
● At some point, the alleged victim decides to drop the charges.
● The evidence is so strong that the court continues with the case and convicts the accused.

You might think that this system is unfair, and perhaps it is, but you can’t argue your way around it. If you’re the accused party, you could be convicted despite your partner wanting to stop the proceedings.

You May Need to Stay Away From Your Partner

One thing a judge might order you to do is stay away from your partner. This policy depends on the conditions surrounding your case, so you won’t know how likely it is to be enacted until you talk to a lawyer.

Now that you understand the points on this list, you will know what to do if domestic charges are ever brought against you. One thing that is certain is that you must hire a lawyer as soon as possible. What this professional will do for you is be an expert source of knowledge, protect you against being taken advantage of, and get you the best possible result.

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