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Everything You Need to Throw the Best Pool Party

Pool parties are a great social gathering in the summer as everyone is that little bit more relaxed when walking around in the barest of minimums. Residential swimming pools are becoming ever more popular even in regions with short summers, leading to more fun swimming pool parties being thrown. Organizing a successful party is not difficult, but we have put a few essential tips to make sure you get the maximum enjoyment as well as your guests.

Pick a Theme

To throw a fantastic party that will be memorable, you should pick a specific theme that guests will enjoy. A party theme doesn’t need to be a fancy dress but adding a few theme-related ideas will transform the event. Pick a simple theme that everyone can get into the spirit without needing to spend money on new clothes or accessories. The popular idea is to ask everyone to wear black and white as most people will have these items in their wardrobe. Another idea is to choose an era to fashion the party around, and the art deco era is always a popular choice.

Safety and Wellbeing

The most important part of any gathering is making sure all the guests get home safely afterward. If young children are attending it is good to keep one adult supervising the pool just in case, they have issues. The pool should have been cleaned and treated before the guests arrive, remember that many swimmers using sun creams will change the ph. levels dramatically in small swimming pools. Your pool will need to be up to the standards set by your local authority, and these can differ from region to region. There are guidelines on fence height for swimming pools and the gates for access to prevent people from falling in. Another smart plan is to serve drinks in plastic cups so no broken glass can contaminate your garden or pool. You can purchase plastic wine glasses, beer glasses and tumblers instead of using the throwaway variety.

What to Eat

Choosing what food to serve at pool parties can be difficult, with many hosts tending to over complicate the menu. A BBQ always goes down well at a pool party, but there are other options which will keep the guests happy and well fed. Fresh cut fruit is good for serving while guests are in the pool, this leaves little mess and is a healthy and refreshing option. Hors-d’oeuvres can be simple cheese chunks, sausage rolls, and small sandwiches, and this should not cause any headaches for the chef. Fish is a great main meal for people who have been hanging out near water and will be simple to prepare, leaving the host more time to mingle.

What to Drink

A good pool party is never complete without the perfect drinks to sip while sitting poolside. Having a good selection of non-alcoholic beverages and water is essential in the summer months, of course, if children are invited, they will need soft drinks. A good supply of standard beverages will also help, so make sure you have a selection of red and white wine along with lagers and ciders. A memorable pool party is usually paired with a famous cocktail. Have a look at the best cocktails for a pool party and make a batch of your favorite a few days before and freeze it, only taking it out the morning of the party. Having a semi-frozen cocktail will be refreshing and will reduce how much ice you need to make.

The key to any cool pool party is the initial planning. The invites to guests should be sent weeks in advance to give them time to prepare, using email or text is more likely to get a speedy reply. Make sure any theme or dress code is easy for people to put together, don’t make guests angry before they arrive by making them buy new clothes. All the food should be prepared in advance to eliminate stress on party day. Keep the food simple, as everyone wants simple food when swimming. The main thing for any host is to enjoy the party, don’t make the day hard work by over complicating matters. Keep the party simple, safe and enjoy yourself.