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Dusseldorf is quite simply synonymous with business. Over the years, its business culture has grown exponentially making the city one of Germany’s wealthiest. However, the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia is not uptight people in business suits and business meetings. It has a mellow and fun side to it boasting avant-garde artistry, beautiful squares, and a mix of Mediterranean vibe to its cafes around the city.

That is why, if you are a businessman and you are looking to improve your business’ standing in the city, you need to mix both these cultures, and that is why, it is commonplace to randomly find an exhibition booth in Dusseldorf.

In order to grow a business, attracting the people is priority number one, and catching their attention is the first towards that direction. It comes easy for big, well-known companies, but for lesser known brands, always remember that customers in this city always try to find an exhibition booth in Dusseldorf that stands out.

However, attracting them with exhibition stands is one thing, getting them to come close is another.

So, how can you attract people once they find an exhibition booth in Dusseldorf?


One way to do so is to make sure that once you get the chance to attract customer over to your exhibition booths, you also need to keep them engage; learn more about your brand. Giveaways is one of the simplest ways to do so, but that does not make a lasting impression, and does not generate leads.

Engage Customer

Engage them with games instead. Raffle prizes or trivia, for example. Find a way of interaction that will give these customers a chance to leave their details. That way, you will be able to gather leads that you can use to promote your business in the future.


Dusseldorf is a city of commerce in which advertising became one of its major contributors when it comes to generating income, and thus, it does not hurt for your brand to think ahead prior to trade shows, especially if you have a new product to introduce.

If so, thinking ahead can be helpful. By reaching out to advertisers and publications, you will be able to generate momentum and create a hype that would help bring about interest to your brand, and as the exhibition rolls around, you will not just be some random find amongst the many exhibition booths in the show.


Before people randomly find an exhibition booth in Dusseldorf that is apparently yours, it is worth it to see how much possible leads can the shows in the city produce. However, if you are in Dusseldorf, interest that can possible turned into business leads should come easy.

Generating interest, producing hype, and turning those interested participants into leads are just some of the easiest ways that trade shows can help your business grow, and the more effort you put into your booths, the better you attract customers, and with a city that is just as obsessed with art as with business, putting a little bit of effort into your booths can go a long way.