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Finding a Skilled Tradesperson in Australia

Check Out These Places

How many times have you needed a job done around your house or in the office that required a skilled tradesperson? Not everyone has the know-how, nor should they attempt repairs and maintenance without proper equipment, training, safety knowledge, and experience. Perhaps you’ve got a plumbing issue, maybe you are looking to have something built such as a patio or deck, and you want to be sure you’re connecting with someone who knows what they are doing. 

Let’s face it. Australia is pretty vast, and finding that perfect skilled tradesperson may not always be an easy task. Combine that with the fact that Australia is suffering from skills shortages in a handful of trades, so your search won’t be so easy. Before you get too flustered trying to find a qualified tradesperson, we’ve gone ahead and put together some tips and advice you can use throughout the process. These should make things much easier, faster, and more effective.

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Use a Job Connection Service

One of the fastest and easiest tips is to use a job connection service. The idea of this is that you post what it is you need, and those who are skilled and experienced can connect with you. 

LinkU is a website that offers just this type of service. The way it works is that you post your job, add the details of what exactly you need done, and then you will be sent quotes from LinkU’s network of certified and licensed businesses. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that these tradies have already been vetted. You won’t have to do the legwork on your own. Simply choose the one that you think best meets your needs. You can do this on their website

Another advantage of using LinkU is that you will be connecting with local experts. This saves you the hassle of flipping through a phone book or worse yet having to put in hours’ worth of research online as you leaf through the many companies that pop up.

Ask Friends and Family for References

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Another tip is to speak to family and friends who have used a skilled tradesperson in the past for references. Now this leaves you open to the good and the bad. Sometimes people don’t have someone they want to refer to. Rather they have someone they urge you to avoid. This can be useful, as you don’t want to waste time and money on a tradesperson that isn’t up to the task.

Don’t forget, even with a glowing recommendation. You should still do your own research. Check to ensure the tradesperson is registered and certified, and if it’s a big job, you may also want to ask for references that you can call. Ask to see photos or videos of their past work, too, to get a better grasp of their capabilities. 

Look for Local Recommendations in Your Town/City

Some towns and cities will also put together a list of recommended tradespeople such as electricians, roofers, builders, plumbers, and so on. Now keep in mind this list shouldn’t be seen as definitive, nor should you take it at its word. You still will need to do your own research and due diligence. It just narrows down the search for you, so you aren’t searching the local yellow pages or browsing through website after website.

Pretty much every legitimate business out there today has its own website or, at the very least, one that is active on social media. Going through online platforms is a great way to follow-up and check out the recommendations through your town/city.

Don’t Shy Away from Multiple Quotes

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As a final note, you want to be sure that for big jobs, in particular, you are getting as much information as possible. What this means is connecting with various businesses to get quotes. Going with the first one you find isn’t a wise plan.

Once you gather the quotes, be sure to look beyond the dollar amount. What does that quote include? Does the tradie offer a guaranteed timeline? Have they provided you with their ABN (Australian Business Number), which shows they have gone through the proper verification process? Is equipment inclusive or exclusive of the quoted price? And if it’s inclusive, what is the quality of the equipment? How soon can they start the project?

You want to be sure you’re taking in the full scope of a quote, not just the cost.

Don’t Rush the Search and Selection Process

At the end of the day, a tradesperson is someone who is usually performing a very specialized and essential job. This means they need to have the skills and experience, need to be certified and registered, and have a list of satisfied customers that they can back their claims up with. It’s up to you to ask all the right questions, do the research, and then hire the ideal skilled tradesperson.

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