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Freedom 251, the world’s most low-cost smartphone, runs into trouble

Freedom 251, the world’s most low-cost smartphone, runs into trouble

Since the statement of its own launching, the Freedom 251 has created significant excitement for being the world’s most low-cost smartphone at only Rs 251 ($4). From way back its high profile start yesterday, the mobile has run into a number of controversies.

Freedom 251, the world's most low-cost smartphone, runs into trouble

The smartphone is being made by a little-known Indian firm named Ringing Bells, which was created just several months past. With its affordable cost, it’s the capacity to disrupt India’s smartphone marketplace, which is the among the fastest-growing on the planet. Nevertheless, a number of questions are being raised about just how the mobile is inexpensive, its fantastic iPhone-like web site and layout glitches.

“For your kind info, the statement of material worth for a particular product similar to this when sourced from the least expensive supply chain cost about Rs 2,700 ($40).

In addition, it has a 3.2-megapixel rear camera and a 0.3-megapixel front camera.

ICA further clarified that there was no observable mobile operator subisidy for the cellphone, and that even if the Freedom 251 were being sold at lower gross profits, it couldn’t be priced below Rs.3,500-3,800 ($52-55). Furthermore, it proposed that senior government direction shouldn’t be there in the start. India’s defence minister Manohar Parrikar was designed to launch the mobile but didn’t turn up at the final minute.

To add to its problems, the mobile manufacturer’s website crashed within several hours of taking preorders. The firm had declared that it’d take on-line bookings from Feb. 18, but numerous customers took to Twitter to whine about issues while making the payment.

Shortly after, the site said that its servers were “overloaded” due to over 600,000 hits per second and that the business was taking a pause to update the service and would restart booking within 24 hours.

Eventually, it is often pointed out the handset resembles the iPhone, together with the program icons seeming to be a copy of the iOS of Apple. Since Apple certainly forbids using its own symbols and icons without a logo license this could amount to a violaton of intellectual property rights.