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Full Written Episode of Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th Jan 2016

Full Written Episode of Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th Jan 2016

The Episode begins with Babasa leaving from dwelling and becoming annoyed. Chaturi goes to speak to him. He says Bhabho. She reveals the samosas she says I will go home and got. He says merely I am valued by you in that house. She smiles. She thinks its Meenakshi’s turn now. Babasa cries and comes home, telling Bhabho of his stomach ache. He says no, I did not eat anything.

Meenakshi says Babasa ate 6 samosas. He says no, she is lying. Bhabho asks him to quit it. Chaturi says its not big blunder by Emily, Babasa requested and the samosas were given by Emily. Bhabho looks on.

Sooraj and Sandhya see each other. They are looked at by chaturi. Sandhya is taken by chaturi. Meenakshi yells that Sandhya got considerably hurt, she fell from stairs. Sooraj stresses. Him stops. Chaturi tells Sandhya that Sooraj lift you in his arms and will come running from there. Sandhya yells. Sooraj says she got hurt. Vikram and Bholaram hold him and do not let him go. Vikram thinks Meenakshi and Chaturi will handle and tell Sandhya that…. Chaturi says don’t know why Sooraj did not come, sorry, I believe you don’t look appealing now. I do not think so and Sandhya inquires what are you saying, I should have not come in your discussion. She goes. Chaturi tells Meenakshi not to stress. Meenakshi says Sooraj loves Sandhya the way she’s. Chaturi says just see the trick of Bholaram and my.

Bholaram says nothing happened to Sandhya. Sandhya is seen by Sooraj. Vikram says wives have one work to get husband’s focus by playing. Sooraj believes. Vikram requests him to answer her in her way. Bholaram says Chaturi told me dancing is being practiced by Sandhya without Sooraj. Vikram says Sandhya feels Sooraj can’t dance, she said Sooraj can’t be trusted by her, he may make her fall, does any wife say this about her husband, so she went. Bholaram asks Sooraj to answer. They requests her to teach dancing to Sooraj, and take Sooraj to the woman choreographer.

The lady smiles and says come. Sooraj doesn’t hold her. She teaches him the moves. Vikram messages Meenakshi, requesting her to bring Sandhya to Sooraj’s room quickly. He requests Sooraj to hold her well and dance will he learn. Sooraj is not comfortable with her.

Chaturi and Meenakshi bring Sandhya there. Vikram sees them and signs Bholaram to pull the carpeting. Bholaram pulls the carpeting. Sooraj and that girl fall over the bed. Meenakshi says see, Chaturi said right, guys do this when love gets 10 years old, I do not feel good seeing this. Sandhya gets furious and says now I’ll show what spices I ‘ve. She leaves. The woman says its ok. Vikram says leave it Bhaiya, you can not do this.

Meenkashi and appear appealing and Chaturi induce Sandhya to take any step. Sooraj says do not worry, Sandhya is not immature, anyone would have doubted. Chaturi says Sandhya forgot her feminism being a police officer. Bholaram says Sandhya didn’t get envious. Bholaram says no, something else is cooking. Sooraj asks what do you mean. Bholaram says Sandhya’s behaviour shows she doesn’t care for you, you don’t have that draw now. Sooraj says its not enjoy this.

Vikram says I comprehend, you are unhappy, do not say anything, but this is the truth, you tell me where is that draw, Sandhya had right on you before its all over. Vikram says listen to me, you do not have that x factor now, chee. Sandhya says it means I don’t have that style in me. Chaturi says we fly your saree, keep hair loose and will tell you, show some style. Like heroines do in pictures, Meenakshi says. Bholaram and Vikram request Sooraj to reveal his fashion, start the Devleela. Chaturi and Meenakshi ask her Leela to be started by Sandhya.

Lalima tells about her buddy Gopi. Everyone is greeted by Gopi and smiles.