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Full Written episode of Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 22nd December 2015

Full Written episode of Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 22nd December 2015:

Koyal occupied with wedding arrangements, Leela occupied with food arrangements, Vidya says Koyal I enjoyed these organizations, I understand Samar n tani had a past, Koyal says akka it is good, It turned out to be a past so let it be here n Samar adores u now n I expect tani discovers appropriate guy overly n leaves.

Mehndi service starts, maddy says Koyal u appearing quite lovely, n one favour go assess tani do she must be feeling ill at ease, Koyal says she isn’t house n I ‘ll manage when she’ll be back, Leela says Samar is outside Koyal u have to welcome him, paru feels terrible.

Koyal welcoming Samar, Raj stands by him n walks with Samar inside house, maddy welcomes them, Vidya inquires Samar what’s Raj doing with u, Samar says Raj had taken over all my company but now he’s offered one n so I’ve to be with him, Leela requests everyone to dance n benefit from the function. Leela Koyal maddy surya dance, Raj sees Koyal n holding each others hands n dancing really close to every other n feels terrible n furious.

Koyal gives her hand for Mehndi n requests to compose her husbands name Madhavan n looks at Raj, after Raj walks to Koyal n says why are u behaving I understand all this is lie n it does not matter to me, Koyal says great for u but we do it for us not for u n leaves. This is heard by Maddy.

Koyal says maddy look at my Mehndi, maddy is greatly believing, Koyal questions what is wrong, maddy says Koyal really I felt something now n u understand we’re buddies close friends n we’re comfortable with each other n we do not have to take any uneasy measures only to show any one else, Koyal says maddy I get what u say, maddy says Koyal I ‘m sorry if I crossed lines while dancing, Koyal says maddy it was not to show any one it only occurred and I, I believe I need to take this relationship a step forward n Koyal walks away, maddy grins.

Raj says baba we must organize a bachelor party for Samar, Rudra says we sent Him out of the house nude afterward why this,Raj says baba in celebration maddy is going to be our goal n will trap him such a style which he would not recognise himself, n since its Samar celebration maddy has to come n I ‘ll make sure he gets intoxicated n this is punishment for getting close to Koyal.

Koyal believes God plz make sure this isn’t Rajs strategy.

Pre cap: intoxicated Samar says but I understand Rajs secret now. Rudra hears this n is present there also.