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Full Written Episode of Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th November 2015

Full Written Episode of Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th November 2015:

Gaura is believed by Dharam.

Tolu/molu’s pal party inside their room. They inquire why she’s like that, who’s she and see Sona in hamlet dress. Molu says she wears dresses that are same. Buddy says she’s illiterate afterward. Sonu recites ABCD like a villager and questions how dare she’s to call her illiterate. Buddy laughs that she’s certainly not literate. Sona runs behind her and decides sweeper. Kokila sees and comes girl. She questions what’s she doing with sweeper and warns her to be in her limitations.

Meera wakes up yelling and gets dream of her sari removal. Dharam questions what’s she doing and runs behind. Meera begins beating grinder and subsequently goes to yard, yelling she’ll kill it. Gaura comes out hearing her voice and wakes up and believes Meera has become chandi if she understood she did it and she’d have beaten her.

Gopi wakes up from sleep (with complete make-up, celebration sary and hefty jewelry in bed) crying Meeraa….Ahem wakes up and asks what occurred.
If truth is being told by Vidya Dharam requests Gaura and she did it. Gaura begins her play he continues and is doutbing his mom for teekhi churi. She asks him to go and sleep and says no. He leaves. She then cries that she’s losing him and because of Meera, her son is questioning her, she WOn’t ever let her son is trapped by Meera.

Meera in her room consoles and says she’s with her. Meera drives her and requests her to go and sleep. Shravan questions is Meera. Vidya says she’s good, but she didn’t see panic in her eyes and feels she’ll do something big now.

Ahem looks at Meera’s and Vidya youth pics. Gopi says time flew shortly, her daughters grew up shortly and brings turmeric milk for Ahem, Vidya and Meera are coming. Ahem says he will not really care about Meera and has just one daughter Vidya. He says gave many opportunities in front of her to Meera itself, but she didn’t pay heed and continued dissing him.

Precap: Gaura sends Gopi Meera’s sari removal video. Gopi reveals and weeps it to Kokila.