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Full Written Episode Update of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th April 2016

Full Written Episode Update of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th April 2016

Full Written Episode Update of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th April 2016

The Episode begins with Raman talking on the telephone. Mihir says we were stressed, thank God you’re safe. Raman goes back and requests them to reserve tickets. Adi says I ‘ll remain with you. Adi says we adore you. Raman says I don’t want anyone’s love; you must go back. Adi says I ‘ve turned 21 and claims; I’ll do what I need, remain relaxed, don’t get mad at everyone. Raman requests him to speak with etiquette. Adi says if Ishi Maa were here you’d never have inquired. Raman asks how you dare choose her name. Adi asks Raman do you speak with manner; you don’t have to do anything with anyone after Ishi Maa left you’ve become rock. Raman scolds him and smacks him. Adi says you leaves and is scared of human emotions.

Mihir leaves. Ishita requests why she will not need to meet anyone Mihika to comprehend. Ishita gets happy. Mihika asks Aaliya and Mani to come also. Mihika says I m not wedding Mihir, someone else, I am going to tell after, I m triumphal. Ishita says right; then I m not unhappy also is Appa and Amma. Mihika believes its time that is not ideal to tell her shifted. She says everything is good. Ishita says we must leave for Australia shortly.

Mani says yes, get good shortly. Mani says I ‘ll try and locate. Nurse inquiries and comes Ishita says other surname and is she feeling. Mihika says I told her. Ishita requests who got me here. Mani asks Mihika to go home; I am going to be with Ishita. Mihika says no, I am going to remain here, you rest and go. Mani says I additionally need to… Ishita says I need to share much discussion with Mihika, you go. Mani says if needed call me.

The nurse tells me you saved the patient from the hijack and called Raman; she needs to thank you. Raman says I don’t stops call and have time. He recalls Adi’s words. Adi requests secretary for Miss. Indrani.

Mihika feeds Ishita. Ishita grins. Aaliyah takes Their pics. Ishita says I ‘d to thank you. She says we reached the resort, can you come to meet, we must discuss shoot, we must return to Australia. He says right, I am going to come. He says I need to go for imp assembly, can you give her these blossoms.

Ishita grins seeing the blooms. The nurse says he said sorry and had work. Mihika says white lilies are safe, that he has sent this. Mani recalls Shagun’s words and beliefs in going and seeing exterior. He goes and says I ‘ll only see. He says perhaps he’s not Raman…. Why am I thinking? He says I ‘d to see whether the guy who saved Ishu was Raman.

What is asked of her? She says I understood Raman was in flight, I met Akka and came to see him here; I don’t believe it was Raman he’d never have gone leaving her here. He says yes, they’re in Mumbai, don’t understand how she will respond seeing Raman. Mihika believes what to do, the best way to hide that Akka is not dead, they miss Ishita, but Ishita will not need to meet them, Raman shifted so much, I don’t need to take a reckless choice, I should listen to her and assured Akka.