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Full Written Update of Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st November 2015

Full Written Update of Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st November 2015:

Begins with Sooraj inquiring Sandhya about Lalima. Lalima smacked on him, that is why Mohit burnt her store, this was not thought by me, do not stress. Babasa locates Bhabho upset. Mohit is recalled by Bhabho. Meenakshi requests shall I give poor individuals Mohit’s clothes. Bhabho holds shouts and a top. Babasa says do not understand who’d enmity with this house.

Bhabho says he has been killed by wine. Terrible titles pot has been killed by Mohit, and his novel has shut. Meenakshi says Bhabho is appropriate, reports revealed Mohit was drunk in the time of his passing. Sandhya guarantees Bhabho that Mohit’s killer will be found by her. Emily is cutting looks and vegs at Sandhya. Sandhya says she’ll get Mohit justice. Emily cries. Bhabho asks the to get medications.

Emily asks her to say something and weeps seeing Pari. Sooraj says yes, we should all move on, I told their store to run, I’d like you to visit living room.

Satyadev inquires where we need to go. He says I believed to go for new film. Satyadev says I do not enjoy jokes that are cheap. Sandhya tells Sooraj that she’s to leave, there’s some hint located,and care is taken by Emily.

Satyadev questions individuals about Mohit and disguises as commoner. Sandhya is additionally there. The vehicle driver says Mohit that day has dropped, was a girl with him also. The auto driver says yes. Sandhya asks the guy to come along. They are looked at by someone.

Satyadev questions what connection you believed between yes. The guy says wife and husband, they were claiming. Satyadev says I understood his wife is in charge of his homicide. Sandhya requests and shows Emily’s pic was this what girl. The guy says no, Sandhya was someone else. Satyadev asks the man to come along to see nicely. The guy says no, its not Satyadev. He asks the guy by getting that girl’s sketch made in police station to help them, they’re police officers, after sketch is made, he’ll get free. The guy concurs.

Komal is described by the guy. Komal sees Sandhya’s words and the news to get the perpetrator. Komal believes she should run away, it’s going to be difficulty, that should never have occurred, if anyone understands about her relationship with Mohit, authorities will doubt on me if I leave without saying anyone. She is looked at by someone wearing chawl. Komal believes cops can believe she’s killer, and she should leave a hint for cops. Komal writes on the mirror and takes lipstick.

Satyadev asks the guy to look over the sketch. Satyadev believes will she get saved. Emily and Komal leaves gets in her house. Satyadev and Sandhya show individuals Komal’s pic. Emily sees hides and Sandhya exterior. The message is erased by her partly. The store seller says Emily resides there. Sandhya knocks on the door. Emily gets shocked.

Recap: Sandhya sees the message and name of culprit erased. Satyadev guesses Mohit Ki Patni….