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Gangaa Written Episode 12th February 2016

Gangaa Written Episode 12th February 2016

Ganga thinks of what all happen at home. Maharaj ji is coming back from the room of Janvi muttering to himself. Ganga remembers seeing Janvi in the kitchen in the day. Janvi asked for sugar from Ganga and was holding the salt container. Maharaj ji what happens when one takes Ganga asks water blended with salt. He says folks will vomit.

Ganga sits on the couch. Janvi instantly switches on the lights and cries. She’s shocked to see Ganga. Ganga calls her feeble hearted. You constantly do the other or something. She reveals the correct medication to Janvi. You concealed it quite nicely in the ledge. I can’t comprehend how low you are going to stoop down for this enmity. I did get stressed for you. I named doctor and ran to the chemist to bring medication for you. You played with such a dirty trick on me. I doubt if you really did law. I believe you examined just the best way to do antics that are inexpensive against others. Janvi concurs lying to everyone. So this family throws you out of the house, I did all this play. Ganga says I believed you were bright, but you’re crazy. Till date, you can hardly realise how profoundly rooted I ‘m in this house. You saw with your own eyes now how much Babu trusts me. this relationship is no simple to break. Give up. My roots are extremely powerful here in this house. Quit your low-cost strategies. Sleep now, you have to be tired after all of the vomitings. She leaves from that point. Some things throw.

Janvi walks in the hallway. Till Ganga is in the home, how do I sleep calmly! She overhears Niru’s convo and Madhvi. Madhvi tells him to return before Sagar leaves. He concurs. Do not conceal anything from me that occurs in the house.

Amma ji refuses to take the medication from Ganga. Imagine if all the time tries to hurt me as I scold you? Ganga motives that she’s been doing it for years. Janvi believes her move is going in the correct path. The play will probably be double than before. Be prepared Ganga! You wo unable to stay back here for long.

Janvi gets a call from her buddy Neeti. Neeti expects the lovebirds come shortly. Janvi had totally forgotten that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Sagar did intend a surprise for me. She stops the call. I am going to give such a present to her before leaving that she’ll remember for life! How will she feel when she’s going to see Sagar observing V-Day with me! Tomorrow she will need to accept it that Sagar is just mine!

Ganga believes she believed Sagar was hers just which is the reason why she kept him all these presents since all these years. She, unfortunately, looks at the cards and gifts. One day is unable to be called a particular day for love. Every day was V-day for me, but still I feel depressed when the whole world celebrates it! I wish you were on this very day with me! Every year I waited for this. I observed it every year believing you are going to come and! She thinks about thinking of her as just his closest friend of the hurtful words of Sagar. Ganga is asked by her if she’s going to remain for life.

Ganga stands outside on the balcony through the night. Sagar holds her hand and kisses on her shoulder. He embraces her from behind. Those who do not comprehend themselves give up hope. Sagar is just yours, and you’re just Sagar’s. Her eyes close as he caresses her hands. She shoves at him somewhat. Ganga reminds Sagar he doesn’t adore her. He places a finger on her lips. One just should read the eyes when in love, and listen to the pulses. Listen to my pulses. They stand that manners holding each other for some time. The hug breaks. Ganga towards the moon turns and embraces her. Request your moon I thought of you on Vday. You hear or will not say anything. You’ll just feel it. She says this is the reason for this large cheating. He asks her what cheating she’s referring to. Explore my eyes. Do not you understand that only the way it’s the destiny of Ganga Sagar is also not complete without Ganga? She’s in tears. They’re not tears but precious pearls. Do you hold back it in your eyes? Take happiness and all the nice things from me. He kisses on her brow. I like you Ganga. Amma ji calls out for Ganga. Ganga realises she’s been dreaming.

Precap: Pulkit takes Ganga outside with him to fix something. She keeps her hand tightly around his waist when the bike of a sudden stops. Yash and Janvi see them. Janvi comprehends what she’s got to do. We are going to get everyone believe that something is happening between Pulkit and Ganga!