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Gift Ideas for the Entrepreneur in Your Life

Seven Great Gift Ideas

When you’re attempting to come up with gift ideas for the businessman or businesswoman in your life, it can be easy to just opt for a gift card and call it a day. However, although it takes a little extra time and effort, finding just the right gift for your friend is a thoughtful move. Even the most successful businessman in the world would enjoy a heartfelt gift. So, without further ado, continue reading below to learn about the best gifts for business people.

Gift Idea #1: Incredible tech products

Rechargeable wireless mice are the perfect addition to a friend’s work-from-home setup. This is an especially good pick if your friend normally relies on a laptop and has to use a trackpad.

Gift Idea #2: Travel luggage that can stand up to the elements

Photo by Edgar Okioga from Pexels

If your friend is a successful entrepreneur, travel is likely an inevitable part of the business. After all, they have to go meet clients, close business deals and attend the openings of new business locations. If your friend’s luggage is looking a little worse for wear with tears and rips all over, the perfect gift might be a new luggage set. Make sure that it’s carry-on sized and waterproof with a hard shell. Gift ideas like travel luggage is not only thoughtful; it’s incredibly practical too. 

Gift Idea #3: A little extra memory help

Does your friend lose their keys often? Are they a brilliant marketer, but they never seem to remember where they left their glasses, laptop, or phone. You may want to do your part to help your scatter-brained friend by getting them a Tile. With Tile, you can attach the little square to a commonly lost object, and when you can’t find it, use the Tile app to locate your item. Pretty nifty!

Gift Idea #4: A self-care kit

Spa basket
Photo by shawnee wilborn on Unsplash

Work can be incredibly stressful. A high volume of work and insufficient time in the day can create a serious cortisol response in the body. Stress caused by elevated cortisol levels doesn’t just make you feel tense; it’s also deeply unhealthy for you if it turns into a chronic issue that you don’t address. You could be at a higher risk for certain diseases in addition to insomnia and stress-induced mental health issues.

So, if you feel like your friend is on the verge of burnout, why not stave off a panic attack by delivering a self-care basket?

Fill the basket with small gifts they love and products that will encourage them to take time for themselves. Here are a few ideas for basket fillers:

  • Yoga mat
  • Bath bombs
  • Wine or beer
  • Snacks
  • Mini Himalayan salt lamp

Gift Idea #5: A clothing subscription

Does your friend like to dress sharp for another day, working hard at their 9-to-5? Honor their commitment to fashion by gifting them an ongoing subscription box to office-appropriate clothing. You can consider certain subscriptions like StitchFix or Trunk Club, for example. They’ll appreciate the level of thoughtfulness if you go this route.

Gift Idea #6: A class that reflects your friend’s interests

Okay, hear me out – sure, the person you’re getting a present for might be busy because of work, but perhaps they enjoy a bit of structure during their off-peak, free time, too! Gifting your friend a class is a great way to help them pursue their passions and hobbies outside of work. Not sure what kind of class to gift them? Consider a few of the suggestions below:

Gift Idea #7: A plane ticket

Plane ticket
Photo by Alex Azabache from Pexels

Although you might not spend that kind of dough on just anyone, if your friend is in dire need of a vacation and you have the funds to do so, gift them a flight voucher they can use for a vacation. You might even suggest planning a vacation to take together (after the pandemic subsides, of course)! Don’t forget to add cute side gifts with the flight voucher like a personalized luggage tag and a passport holder.

Conclusion: Be thoughtful with your gifts

Getting a gift for your friend doesn’t have to be difficult. By using this list as a guide, you can find a great way to celebrate your friend. Just make sure to pay attention to what they really like so you can get them a relevant gift. Remember, it’s the thought that counts – but buying something cool counts, too!

Featured Photo by Tyler Franta on Unsplash