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Gifts for Men Who Travel

4 Creative Gifts for Men Who Love to Travel

What a delight it is to get a gift from someone you love! But more often than not, gifts turn out to be a disappointment because they are completely useless and don’t mean anything! The only times that gifts seem meaningful and relatable is when there’s plenty of thought put into it. At those times, you realize how special your bond with someone is that they understand you and find you things that have meaning attached to them. Learn about creative gifts for men who love to travel.

The Art of Gifting

So, all you people out there who give out gift cards to their friends on birthdays: not a great strategy, especially if the receiver is a close friend

Gift for him
Image by Jens P. Raak from Pixabay

When asked, an astounding 83% of people confessed that they preferred “unique and useful” items over receiving plain gift cards that they could redeem. Take a hint and put some thought into your gifts.

And we completely agree that it is not always easy to come up with meaningful gifts for your loved ones. Sometimes you just have to go with whatever you see in the shop. But the real trouble is picking a gift for someone special.

And who could be more special than your loving spouse? If you really know your husband, you would know what makes sense, and even a diary would be meaningful. But if you are not willing to put in the thought, you could stick to the generic watch and belt combos that your husband already has stacked in a cabinet.

But you know if you are not sure, it would do you good to go a little out of the way and give them gifts that are not common.

These would include, for instance, books, sporting goods, video games, and so on.

But gift-giving does not always have to be so confusing and annoying. What you can do is look at hobbies to decide what gift is best. 

Gifts for Men Who Travel

As it turns out, Travel and tourism is the second-most-popular choice when it comes to discretionary spending? So, it won’t be surprising if your loved ones like to travel. 

So, when you do develop a special bond with some guy, and he loves to travel, this is what you gift him:

Scratching Map

Anyone that loves to travel always has a record of what places they have traveled to and a list of places to go to. And of course, when we say “a list,” it is not a list.

So, every guy with a knack of traveling will always have or want to own collectibles that keep their traveling list in front of them. A world scratch map is one of the best collectibles in that regard.

Travel map
Photo by Element5 Digital from Pexels

How it works is that it consists of an entire area with every location covered in scratchable material in one color. Once that area is visited, you could scratch it off to reveal a colored background for the area. As more and more places are visited, more and more of the map becomes colored. 

We don’t know about you, but we’d buy this map even if we didn’t like to travel. This is a great gift for men who love to travel.

A Kick-Ass Backpack

You know the first thing your friend needs as a traveler? A travel backpack, of course. 

The world of traveling has evolved to be minimalistic. In that context, often the only thing that you take on your travel with you is a backpack that can fit everything you need!

The idea is called backpacking and as daunting as it may sound, that is the only way to experience traveling in its true essence. So, why not gift your friend the true essence of traveling?

Look for bags that have enough capacity to fit all their merino wool underwear and are durable to take them to the world’s ends. And remember the style should suit your friend because you know women aren’t the only ones to fuss over their bags. Travel bags with a lot of space to tuck away things makes great gifts for men.

A trendy Fanny Pack

Do you know what the most challenging thing to handle while traveling for men is? Their clothing? The backpack? Personal hygiene (because we know men have no concept of it)? 

Their Passport!

Not only do men stink at looking after their belongings, but they do not have any sense of responsibility. So, while they may go out to travel all happy, many men lose their passports.

To help them hold onto these and hopefully see them come back from a foreign land, all they need is a fanny pack. But no man would ever go out to buy a fanny pack on their own because “fanny packs are for women.” We know, the logic is ridiculous.

Just find them a fanny pack that looks and feels manly and see them melt because they too know that they need it. They don’t want to spend on it by themselves. 

Solar Charger

Since backpacking is all about being on the go and minimal belongings, and men have that annoying inherent sense of urgency, there really is no time to stop. So, to keep their phones charged on the go, a solar charger is what they need.

However, a word of caution. Most of what is advertised as a “solar charger” online is just a simple power bank that you have to charge with a solar-cell like structure on top. Beware of these scams because you do not want to gift your loved ones a counterfeit item.

Final Word

While these gift suggestions may help you out in picking out the best gifts for a man that loves to travel, keep in mind that every person is different. So, what you really need to make sure that your gift is meaningful is to simply listen.

If you keep your ears open, there is every chance that you will learn what your friend needs. And when you do get them that, you will see how special your bond is in your loved one’s smile. With a little effort you can find great gifts for men who love to travel.

Featured Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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