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Happy Birthday Wishes for Little Sister From Brother

Happy Birthday Little Sister!!! Birthdays of little ones are the most fun-filled times in any family. When family members, relatives, grandparents, friends, near and dear rejoice in this celebration.

If today is the birthday of any of your little ones, especially your little sister birthday. Being elder to her, you would plan to gift her an extraordinary gift than anyone else’s gift to her.

But if you are away from her and running out of time to buy and send a gift for her. Then, you have no option but to send few birthday wishes for your little sister.

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For this purpose, you would hopefully surf the web for some cool collection of stuff related to happy birthday little sister wishes, happy birthday wishes for little sister from brother, etc.

To help you a bit, here we have shared a splendid collection of happy birthday wishes for little sister which you can send across to your lovely little sister on her special day.

Hope you would like them. If yes, please take few seconds to share it across with your friends and followers online.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Little Sister From Brother

happy birthday little sister wishes
happy birthday little sister wishes
  • Whenever I think of you, all the happy times of my childhood come streaming in front of my eyes. You are a part of my life that can never be erased. Have a great Birthday.
  • I am glad that I have a sister like you. If God gave me anything less, I would have complained! Happy Birthday. You are the best sister in the world.
  • You deserve tons of happiness, joy, love, gifts, hugs, and blessings on your Birthday today. Happy Birthday, Sis.
  • You are my most precious memory, most invaluable gift and most cherished person. What would have I done without you in my life? Happy Birthday, sister. Thank you for being there.
  • I wish that every single day of your life is engulfed in joy, peace, and happiness. This is the least I could wish for you dear sister. Happy Birthday.
  • Sisters like you are like rare jewels. Only those like me who are really fortunate get them. Happy Birthday, Sis. Wishing you many great years ahead.
  • On your Birthday today, I wish that you hold my hand forever because we are blood sisters and the best of friends. I love you, sis. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.
  • May you have as many Birthdays as there are rainbows in the world. May you radiate, shine bright and spread happiness wherever you go. Happy Birthday, Dear Sister.
  • I hope you inspire many other people just like you have inspired me. I hope that the light of your life shines bright on many other lives just as it has shone on me all this while. Happy Birthday, dear Sis.
  • Every time I am down and out, all I have to do is think of your lovely smile, and everything comes back to normal. That is the power you hold in my life, dear sister. Happy Birthday.
  • I have always tried to imitate you, be it your dressing sense or your way of speaking. Still trying to be like you. But I could never mirror yours. You are the best, you are unique. Wishing a very happy birthday to my diva!
  • Whenever mother was not around, you loved me, Whenever I was scared of the dark, you hugged me, Whenever I cried for toys, you gave me yours, You are the best sister on earth. Happy Birthday.
  • You embody many personalities and relations for me. Like a mother you care, like a father you guide, like a brother you protect and like a friend you are a constant support and source of inspiration for me. Wishing you a very happy birthday.
  • May this year add another successful chapter to the book of your life with golden ink. Wish you a very happy birthday!
  • Love is beautiful in any form. But it is even more precious when it is the one you love as well. A very Happy Birthday to my darling sister whom I love so so much. May you have a fabulous day ahead of you. May God Bless you.
  • You are not just a sister. You are my soul mate, my companion, my inspiration, my strength and most importantly my best friend. Happy birthday to my adorable sister.
  • On your birthday I just want you to know that it feels really nice to have someone as wonderful as you around. I know that no matter what I do, you will always be there to watch my back forever and for always. Love ya loads sweet sister. Happy Birthday!
  • You were the first best friend I ever had! A very very Happy Birthday to you. May your day be bright and wonderful just like you. May you live a hundred years! Much love your way.
  • On your birthday I can’t help but thank God for giving me a sister as flawless as you. Many many Happy Returns of the day to you. May God shower you with his blessings and grant you a long and healthy life.
  • Your birthday brings to my mind all the wonderful, absolutely fantastic memories that I have shared right from childhood with you. They are precious to me, so I have carefully caged them into the deepest corner of my heart. A very Happy Birthday to my sister whom I love so much.
  • A sister like you makes every day so special. Here is wishing you love, friendship and success in all your endeavors on your special day. May you have many such wonderful birthdays to come.
  • What can I gift a sister who has it all-good looks, charm, wit and a sibling as cool as me! Would a hug be fine? I bet it would. Happy Birthday to my sweetest sister. Have a lovely day!
  • There are zillion reasons why I feel so proud to call you my sister. I love you and on your birthday wish the best for you. A very very Happy Birthday to you. May your day be special in every way.
  • This message is to say that you are wished all the happiness in the world on your special day. A very Happy Birthday you dear sister. May you get all that you desire this year. May God shower you with his abundant blessings and may he be with you forever.
  • You are a best friend and the best sister, double relation, I cannot get rid of you. Lol:) Happy birthday sister!
  • I could kid anybody in my life, and tell them a lie, But not you, because you have the scrutiny power, Anyways Happy birthday sis!
  • Our relation is like Tom and Jerry Though you always ate my part of cherry, But, still here is wishing you a very happy birthday!
  • My sister, you always keep showing me the mirror, And, I will keep reflecting it, Happy birthday dear sis!
  • Dear sister Here is my birthday cheer, Because you are very dear, Though, I had some fear, But, anyways have a great year, Happy birthday!
  • Dear sis, I did not forget your birthday, I wanted you to celebrate it for two days. Happy belated birthday!
  • I am sorry sister; it was a slight delay, I still remember how we used to play, But, at least let me wish you today, Happy belated birthday!
  • I missed your birthday I feel empty, not because I did not wish you, But, because there is no cake left, Ok, do not vex. Here is wishing you a very happy belated birthday sweet sis.
  • You use so many cosmetics, that I forgot your age and your birthday. Anyways, happy belated birthday to you sis!
  • What I forgot your birthday, But, I wished you last year sis, So chill, happy belated birthday to you!
  • Happy birthday to my lovely sis, You do not know how much I miss, The silly fights and all the fun, Where I purposely lost, and so you won, Happy birthday sister!
happy birthday little sister wishes
happy birthday little sister wishes
  • A special prayer and wonderful cheer, Lots of luck for a fantastic year, Birthday wishes for my sweet little sis, May you stay happy and always in bliss!
  • I may not care, but you always care, When I need you, you are always there, May this birthday be as wonderful as you, My sis is the best, one in few! Happy birthday!
  • As the day unfolds, you will know what is in store, Wishing you lots of good luck and even more, Happy birthday and enjoy your day, Have a great and awesome day!
  • I wish you get all the joy, I still remember our first toy, Memories will always stay, Wishing you a really great and pleasant birthday!
  • Dear sister, have a blast and dance a lot, Give your life a perfect shot, Stay happy and blessed this day, Wishing you a very happy birthday!
  • May your wishes come true this day, May you get everything today, Hope you have a wonderful day, Coz it is your birthday today!
  • Happy birthday with lots of cheer, May you have an awesome year, May you get what you wish for, On this day, lots of wishes, luck and much more!
  • I still remember the fights we had, I still remember the joys we shared, Today on your birthday, here is a special wish, That you always stay happy and blessed in life!
  • Have a delightful birthday, Have a wonderful day, Enjoy your time with family and friends, Have a great time and make the most of it, Happy birthday sis!
  • This year I am not gifting you a makeup box, Coz, now even makeup cannot hide your age, Just kidding, Happy birthday dear sis!
  • Happy birthday to the most silly person I know, That is you, my dear sis, Have a nice day and enjoy yourself!
  • With age comes maturity, But, I don’t know when you will really grow up, At least grow up now, you have turned –- Ops! Happy birthday, sis!
  • I want a treat from you sis. Otherwise I will tell everyone about your childhood pranks, So, better give it to me, Anyway, wish you a very happy birthday!
  • Here is a birthday wish for my sister, Who does not like to hear her real age, But, I will say it, Happy –- birthday dear sister Lol;)
  • Dear sis Would be great if you look in the mirror for once, At least this birthday act your real age, Happy birthday!;)
  • Dear sister, You know that you are old When all your candles are more expensive than your cake Happy birthday!
  • Have a fun filled birthday and party tonight, Spread the joy to make it a pleasant sight, Happy birthday to my dearest sis, May you get all the worldly bliss!
  • I am sorry but, I had to tell you this on your birthday that you are adopted. Look at your face, was just kidding,;) Happy birthday and have a nice day!
  • You have been my strength all my life, Without you, it is tough to survive, You are the best sis I could ever ask, You have helped me to complete my every task, Happy birthday to the loveliest sister ever!
  • All the lovely moments which I spent with you, All the memories, so old and new, I am blessed to have a beautiful sister like you, Coz people like you are so few, Happy birthday my dear sis!
  • As you celebrate this special day, I want to let you know today That you have been the most special person of my life Thank you for everything my dear sis, These are the special things that I would miss, Happy birthday!
  • Days just passed into years, Those were the days of childhood fears, But, you always held my hand in dark, With you, in life, there is always a new spark, Happy birthday to a very special sister, Have a great day!
  • My dear sis, If I find reasons to love you, the list will be endless, So let me tell you that the most important reason is, You have a special place in my heart, Happy birthday to my dear sister! Have an extraordinary day!
  • I am so glad this day, Why, because you were born this day, So many memories I shared with you, Dear sis, I love you so much that you have no clue, Happy birthday to the most beautiful sister ever, See I am not rude but smart!
  • Dear sis, Let me wish you today, On this very special day, Lots of cheer, good health and wealth, May you enjoy this day and have all the fun, For me you are always my number one, Love you, sis, happy birthday!
  • The many fights which we had, Sometimes it was too bad, But, sometimes we also had fun, But all said and done, Wish you a very happy birthday this day, May you have an awesome day!
  • May you get everything you wish for dear sis, This opportunity I could not miss, May you get everything that you truly deserve, These are the moments that I will truly preserve, Happy birthday, Have a nice day dear sis!
  • Smile because it is your birthday today, Make it extra special this day, This is a loving wish from your brother, May you get everything today, Have a lovely day, Wish you a very happy birthday!
  • A gift would not be enough, To show you my love, My dear sis, on this birthday, Let me tell you today, That you are the most special person of my life, Without you, I don’t know how I will survive, Happy birthday!
  • The many emotions that we shared, In a special way that we cared, Can’t thank god enough who gave a sis like you, You are such a pure soul, one in a few, Thanks for everything my dear sis, Happy birthday and have a nice day!
  • It was so much fun growing up with you, As we had the best time of our lives, Forget all the complains and pranks, And only remember the good time, Happy birthday to my dearest sis, Have a great day!
  • You protected me from darkness, You held my hand in fear, You always stood by me, When no one was near, You are the world’s no one sis, and I mean it, Wishing you a very happy birthday!
  • On this day, I want to raise a toast, To all the good memories of our life, Thanks for being such a wonderful sis, Wish you always stay in bliss, Wishing you a very happy birthday!
  • Sharing is easy, because you love me so much, Caring is simple, coz your love is such, It’s such a pleasure to have you in my life dear sis, With you in my life, nothing I have missed, Coz you are truly special, Happy birthday dear sis, With lots of love, hugs and kiss!
  • I thought of getting you a gift, But that wasn’t enough The love you have given me in my life, Can’t match up with any gift or card, So please accept a loving birthday wish from me, Happy birthday sweet sister!
  • I have shared so many different emotions with you, Sharing, caring, jealousy, happiness, but my love for you is still strong, Wish you a very happy birthday dear sis, Have a wonderful day!
  • You are my life’s greatest gift, What else shall I ask from God? On this special day of yours, I ask God to give you everything that you wish for, Stay blessed my wonderful sis, Happy birthday!
  • A sis like you is hard to find, Agreed, you have shouted at me, being unkind, But, my love for you grew with time, You are the best sis ever, all mine! Happy birthday, sis!
  • You are so special in every way, How will I express something or say, You are the best you know, I don’t have to show, Happy birthday to my lovely sis have a great day!
  • Which birthday song shall I sing? Which present shall I buy you, which thing, You are perfect in every way my sis, Happy birthday with a lovely hug and kiss!
  • A warm birthday wish from your sis my dear, There are so many reasons to celebrate and cheer, Stay blessed always is my only wish, Happy birthday have a great day!
  • Playing with toys and having all the fun, For me, you are and will remain my number one, Happy birthday my dear sister, Have an awesome day filled with cheer!
  • Dear sister, May you get whatever you deserve, All the memories will remain preserved, Have an extra special day today, Wish you a very happy birthday!
  • We had so many fights, Sometimes I was wrong, sometimes you were right, But, our equation hasn’t changed with time, Here is wishing you a very happy birthday dear!
  • When things go wrong, You sing my favorite song, You are a blessing in my life, Happy birthday to my dear sis, Without you, I cannot survive!
  • Thanks a lot my sis, For coming in my life, You have been a guide, friend and a mother to me, Happy birthday have a nice day, May it be awesome for you today!
  • Happy birthday to my lovely small sis, With you, I have nothing to miss, Because you are my everything, Have an extra superb day!
  • People say if you have a sister in your life, You are the luckiest, I think that is true, Coz I have a sweet sister like you, Happy birthday to you!
  • I want to wish you the first, All the happiness, pleasure and cheer in your life, Always stay blessed my dear sis, Wish you a very happy birthday!
  • When you are around me, I feel so good, Our relationship will never change ‘touchwood,’ Happy birthday to my lovely sister, Stay blessed!
  • On your birthday today, Let me wish you lots of happiness, good luck and an awesome life ahead, Happy birthday!
  • It may be just another day for you, But, it is a special day, as it’s my sister’s birthday, Happy birthday dear!
  • Cut the cake and spread the cheer, Happy birthday to you my dear, You have a special place in my life, Stay blessed!
  • Dear sister, Today I have made a special cake for you. The recipe is unique. Instead of flour, I have mixed it with my wishes, baked it in the warmth of my love and iced it with those beautiful memories we share. Happy birthday!

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