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Helping Interns Help You: 3 Tips for Your Business

Yes, interns can truly be valuable to your business. Think about it this way: they bring fresh perspectives, energy, and a willingness to learn that can breathe new life into your team. 

But here’s the thing—having interns is one thing, but making sure they’re actually helping your business thrive is a whole different ball game. That’s where a little bit of strategy and know-how comes in handy. Here are three helpful tips. 

Structured Onboarding

Structured onboarding means your interns are not just thrown in the deep end; they’re given the information on how things work. Really, it’s the first thing you want to do. 

So, what does this look like? Start by handing them a sweet welcome package with all the details about your company culture, goals, and who’s who. Then, show them the ropes with an introduction to the tools and systems they’ll be usingAlso, it’s a good idea to give them a buddy or mentor to show them the ropes and answer any burning questions.

Imagine this: Your new intern, Jane, walks in on day one to find a swag bag waiting on her desk, complete with a welcome note and a schedule of orientation sessions. Her work mentor, Alex, takes her under their wing, giving her the grand tour and introducing her to the team. Throughout the week, she attends sessions on everything from cybersecurity to team building, feeling like part of the crew from the get-go.

Meaningful Projects

You want your interns to feel like they’re making a difference because it empowers them to do even more. 

How do you accomplish this? Match each intern with a project that plays to their strengths and interests. Give them clear goals and expectations so they know exactly what’s expected. And, of course —make sure they’ve got the resources and support they need to knock it out of the park.

Imagine this: Sarah, your intern with a knack for research, gets tasked with diving into legal defenses for your latest case. Sarah works diligentlyand with a lot of guidance from your lawyers compiles a comprehensive report that impresses not only your legal team but also your clients, positioning your company for success in the courtroom.

Professional Development Opportunities

Professional development opportunities mean giving your interns the tools and opportunities to level up their skills.

Offer training sessions, workshops, and networking events to help them broaden their horizons. And encourage them to seek out mentors and connect with industry professionals. 

Imagine this: Your intern, Sam, is keen to learn the ropes of project management. So, you send them off to a workshop on the subject, where they learn a lot. They also get the chance to rub elbows with seasoned project managers at a networking event, picking their brains and making valuable connections. 

Getting value from interns is very possible. Consider these tips!