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High time to know how “Global warming can ruin our sex lives”

High time to know how “Global warming can ruin our sex lives”:

London: You need to begin taking global warming seriously as it is likely affecting your daily life in more ways than you can imagine.

The research reveals that nine months after a particularly hot day, the birth rate tails off significantly, coming in 0.7 per cent lower than it would after a cooler day. This indicates that rising temperatures reduce fertility rate, decrease hunger for intercourse or, quite possibly, both.

Extreme heat results in a sizeable drop in births, the researchers said, adding that coital frequency could change. It could change sex drives and hormone levels. Alternatively, high temperatures may adversely affect reproductive well-being,  semen quality on male side and ovulation on female side.

Tulane University’s report author Alan Barreca stated that the decline is a really serious issue for nations, such as America and the UK, which have below-replacement birth rates. “This will put lots of stress on social insurance programmes, like social security, as it’ll create large imbalances in the make up of the populace.”