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How Can Technology Help Self-Employed Workers?

As the rate of self-employed workers grows more rapidly than ever before, the reliance on technological support for their business continues to increase. Those who have chosen to go self-employed have taken the leap to go from working as part of a team, delegating tasks and assisting each other, to becoming a one-man-band. It can involve wearing many hats; one day you may be running your marketing strategy, and the next you are knees deep in accounts.

Technology and its advancements have become more in demand for those who run their own businesses. Technology plays a big part as self-employed workers work from various locations, carrying out day to day tasks without being tied down to one office.

Let’s explore how technology can assist with the self-employed worker, making their business life much easier:

The power of the cloud

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When self-employed companies harness the power of the cloud, it takes away all the documentation and ‘baggage’ that is usually carried around daily.

With cloud computing, any type of company can reduce the size of where they store their own data. It can even eliminate a data center footprint completely if that is needed.

You can now keep all your important documentation in one place, without having it stored on laptops when out on the job. If there are more than one of your associated with your business, by giving all the team access to the cloud means that everyone can access files wherever they are. This could be helpful for insurance or industry-related certificates when various staff needs to produce these.

You can have access to your cheap roofing insurance documentation by simply downloading from the cloud. You can also store all your before and after photos – if your company has assets like this – to the cloud and download these when on the job to show a potential client.

Get familiar with video calls

When you are self-employed, you’ll find yourself working remotely and potentially having remote teams all over the country – or even the world. Video chats and conferencing is key to your business, so you don’t miss out sharing company news and project updates.

Video calls can be carried out via software that is installed onto laptops or tablets, or apps which allow video communication from any location. The ones that require special hardware may mean that quality laptops and high-speed technology devices are needed to host these.

The bottom line

Technology has completely revolutionized the way we work, but especially so for making remote working for the self-employed easier. It also continues to create opportunities which include automating and streamlining tasks by the wide array of apps and devices we now have access to.

It’s key for those who run a remote business to be confident with using the cloud and use it to its full advantages for every day running of a business.  And as technology becomes smarter and faster, it will make cloud computing even simpler and effective to utilize every day.

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