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How Much Do Common Emergency Dental Treatments Cost?

A dental emergency is never a good thing. If you experience dental trauma due to an oral injury, or you have a severe toothache, or your dental work has been damaged, you’ll need to get help from an experienced emergency dentist.

The good news is that most emergency dental treatments are relatively affordable, and emergency treatment is almost always covered by your dental plan. Wondering how much you’ll have to pay for common emergency dental work?

While the price may vary somewhat based on your location and your particular situation, in this guide, we’ll give you a quick overview of the prices you can expect. Let’s get started!

Dental Treatments Cost

Root Canal Therapy –  $900-$1,100

Root canals are usually required if your tooth has been damaged by tooth decay, and the interior pulp has been exposed to oral bacteria and becomes infected. A root canal may also be required if your tooth is damaged by oral trauma, and the enamel has been cracked. The average cost of this treatment, according to Simple Dollar, is around $900-$1,100, but you may pay a bit less or a bit more, depending on your location, and the particular type of treatment you need.

Tooth Splinting – $350

Tooth splinting is the process of using a special dental prosthesis or composite resin to splint two adjacent teeth together and stabilize them. This treatment is often used to preserve loose teeth and allow them to heal properly, and can also be used to treat teeth that have been avulsed (knocked out). According to data collected by the American Dental Association, the average fee for a tooth splint is around $350.

Crown Reattachment – $100-$1,500

If your dental crown falls out and you are able to recover it, you may be able to get it reattached by your dentist for a nominal fee of under $100 if it’s still in good condition. However, if a new crown must be manufactured and placed, it may cost you around $1,500.

Filling Replacement – $90-$250

Fillings can’t be reattached if they fall out or come loose, so you’ll have to pay for a new filling. A metal, mercury-amalgam filling may cost you as little as $90, while a more advanced, composite “tooth-colored” filling will typically cost around $250. This may vary based on the size and location of the filling, however.

Tooth Extraction – $75-$600

If a tooth is seriously damaged or impacted, the best course of action may be to remove it, to prevent infection and further discomfort. This may cost as little as $75-$150 for a “simple” extraction.

However, if the tooth is broken or impacted, a surgical extraction may be required, which can cost $600 or more. This is because the gum must be opened and the tooth must be extracted piece by piece, and the sedation and numbing agents used for this procedure can be quite expensive.

Dental Implants – $1,000-$3,000

If you have a tooth extracted due to an injury or any other oral emergency, the best way to replace it permanently is with dental implants. Dental implants use a two-part prosthetic which mimics the structure of a natural tooth. They look and feel natural, and usually last 30 years or longer with proper care. Dental implants, on average, cost somewhere between $1,000-$3,000.

Know How Much You Should Pay For Emergency Dental Treatment!

Although the above prices may vary somewhat based on your area and the specifics of your oral injury or condition, they’re still a good “rule of thumb” for how much you can expect to pay.

While getting treatment can be expensive, dental insurance can defray your costs – and even if it doesn’t cover the entire cost of treatment, you will often be able to finance the remaining costs of your procedure, to ensure you can afford the treatment you need.

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