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How Nose Surgery Beautifies the Face

When you have a nose that has an odd shape or is too large or too small when aligned with the rest of your face, you may want to consider nose surgery, which is commonly referred to as rhinoplasty. Although this is a type of surgical procedure, rhinoplasty is a safe treatment that is hardly invasive at all. You may be wondering why you should have surgery performed on your nose. If so, there are a range of benefits that you would receive, the primary of which is that this type of surgery can beautify your face and bolster your overall appearance.

How Nose Surgery Can Beautify the Face

Nose surgery can beautify your face due primarily to the fact that facial symmetry is one of the core reasons that a person appears attractive to other people. When a face is properly symmetrical and balanced, this can go a long ways towards improving your appearance. The nose is one of the key areas that will allow you to achieve facial symmetry as it is located at the center of your face. No matter how your nose is currently shaped, whether it is far too large for the rest of your face or is crooked, a rhinoplasty will be able to change the shape of it to match properly with the rest of your face, which will automatically improve your appearance and beautify your face.

How Do I Know If Nose Surgery Is Right For Me?

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As you are considering the rhinoplasty procedure, try to identify why it is that you want to have this treatment performed on your nose. These treatments are heavily individualized and personal. You want to select this type of procedure because you desire to have it done yourself and not because you want to do it for someone else, the latter of which can lead to you not being happy with the results or regretting having the surgery done later on down the road.

If you look in the mirror and see that your nose is shaped or positioned incorrectly when compared to the rest of your face, you may want to start looking at the rhinoplasty procedure seriously. Before you have fully scheduled the appointment, make sure that you are physically healthy enough to go forward with the procedure. The best way to ascertain whether or not a nose surgery is something that you should have done is to have a conversation with your plastic surgeon about any concerns that you may have, which should help to allay your fears and highlight the benefits of this surgery.

Risks For You to Consider

Even with a procedure as safe as nose surgery, there are always some risks that you should take into account. The plastic surgeon that is in charge of your surgery should detail what these risks are beforehand but you want to be as prepared as possible. Anesthesia is used during the surgery, which can carry some risk with it. Once the procedure has been completed, it’s possible that the wound will heal improperly, which could lead to additional problems such as an infection.

You may not like how your nose appears once the surgery is finished. Remember that the nose will become refined in its appearance throughout the next few months. During the surgery, it’s possible that the septum of your nose could be perforated, which means that a hole could appear within this area. Additional surgery could fix this issue but there are times when it’s impossible to do so. This complication is very rare.

Types of Questions You Should Ask Your Plastic Surgeon

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As you are preparing for your rhinoplasty surgery, there are a large number of questions that you might want to pose to your plastic surgeon. Ask them if there is anything that you can do to help achieve the best results with the procedure. Your surgeon should also be able to provide you with detailed information on how long the recovery process should take, which slightly differs with each patient. Make sure that they tell you how complications are handled so that you can be confident that they will take care of any issues that arise. Since it’s possible that you won’t be satisfied with how your nose appears even when the balance has been corrected with your face, inquire about the options that you have in the event that you are dissatisfied.

What to Expect During the Recovery Process

When the surgery has been finished and you have returned home, there are a variety of things that you should expect throughout the recovery process. The nose is a very delicate portion of the face, which is why you should be careful with it during the weeks following the surgery. Make sure that you keep it wrapped up in bandages and that you don’t remove the splint that you are provided with unless you absolutely have to.

Although the swelling associated with the surgery should dissipate in the few weeks following the rhinoplasty, it’s likely that you will notice some swelling in the mornings during the first year after the procedure. This is completely normal and shouldn’t raise any fears unless the swelling doesn’t go away throughout the day. Your surgeon will be able to provide you with complete instructions on how to take care of the surgical site during recovery and what to do in the event that you notice a problem. You should also schedule several additional appointments in the months after the procedure so that the surgeon can look at the nose in person and identify whether or not the healing process is progressing smoothly.

Dr. Louis DeJoseph is a plastic surgeon who has received specialty training in both reconstructive surgery and facial plastic surgery. He performs a wide array of different procedures that range from face lifts and brow lifts to tummy tuck and nose job procedures in his Atlanta clinic.

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