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Medical Bills: How People Are Paying Bills They Can’t Afford

Medical bills, specifically in the United States, can lead to unsurmountable debts. Even with insurance, deductibles can be too much for a family to pay. When dealing with medical bills that a person cannot afford, there are steps that people are taking to pay these bills.

If a person has been in an accident, their steps will be different than if a person ends up in the hospital with no cause, such as an accident.

A person that is in an automobile accident can handle medical bills after a crash by contacting the insurer of the other vehicle or their own insurer in some cases. This will cover the person’s medical bills, but further compensation can be sought through legal matters.

But if you have other medical bills that arise without them due to the negligence of another party, there are a few ways to start paying off these medical bills.

Start with a Thorough Review of All Medical Bills

Medical bills can be wrong, and in fact, 7.1% of medical bills have errors, according to the American Medical Association. The cost of these errors average about $1,300 for bills over $10,000. It’s important for you, as the patient, to thoroughly examine each and every bill that you receive.

Errors can occur with:

  • Hospital visits
  • Treatments
  • Doctor visits
  • Tests

Hospitals and doctors are both in a high-paced environment, and in a high-paced environment, errors can and do happen.

Financial Aid is Offered by Some Medical Providers

women seeking help

Medical providers do offer their own form of financial aid. Patients must ask for financial aid if they need it, and there’s a possibility that you may receive a discount. Hospitals have their own financial advisors, and this individual will look through all of your financials.

There’s a chance that you fall into an income bracket that provides a discount on the bill.

And this discount can provide you with some form of financial relief. You can negotiate your medical bills, and one way to do this is to compare the costs of your bill with other potential medical providers.

If another provider offers the same procedure for cheaper, you may be able to negotiate the bill down as a result.

Ask About Payment Plans

Payment plans may be possible, and this will allow you to pay your bill over time. The payment plan can make a debt a lot more affordable. There is an option to ask about a discount for paying the bill upfront, but this will require a significantly large payment in either scenario.

Payment plans should be interest-free, and this will allow you to not accumulate more debt in the process.

Apply for Financial Assistance

Financial assistance may be available, and this can come in many forms. Medicaid may be possible, or there may be charity care which will cover the costs of your medical bills. Hospitals have their own process for financial assistance, and while a lot of paperwork may be involved, it’s still possible to receive a substantial amount of help repaying your medical bills.

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