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How to Care for Jeep Wrangler Hard Top & Soft Top

Your Jeep was made for off-road adventures. All that time cruising through mud pits and flying over gravel trails takes its toll. Find out how you can care for your hard top or soft top for your Jeep Wrangler, and shop for truck accessories online to see whether it’s time to upgrade your accessories or grab another kind of top to fit your style of adventure.

Hard Top Care Instructions

Durable, protective, and insulated, a hard top is a rugged alternative to softer options. Whether you have a single-piece or two-piece hard top, this durable option turns your open-topped Jeep into a regular, sealed vehicle. While it is removable, a hard top fully seals your Jeep to prevent air and water leaks. It’s a great option for winter driving or other extreme weather conditions.

A hard top may not be as stylish or airy as a soft one, but it makes caring for your Jeep much easier. Simply wash down your hard top just like the rest of your Jeep. Mild cleaners are best if your fiberglass top is starting to show signs of wear. While the exterior paint will protect it against harsh cleaners, the fiberglass material underneath the paint can start to deteriorate if cleaned with anything but a mild cleaner.

Soft Top Care Instructions

Care for Soft Top
Image by Stephan Huber from Pixabay

The more iconic look, a soft Jeep Wrangler top comes in several popular options. It doesn’t quite feel like summer unless you’re cruising in a soft top Jeep. Caring for a soft top, however, requires a few considerations.

First, avoid automatic car washes. Even a completely covered soft top is susceptible to leaking from high-pressure washing nozzles. Wash your soft top by hand and rinse it thoroughly to prevent dried-on soap. Soft top windows can scratch if you scrape dirt across them, so rinse them first and use a soft towel to wipe them down.

Hard Top vs. Soft Top

Whether you have a modular soft top, bikini top, two-piece hard top, or any other type under the sun, take some time to consider other kinds of tops. Heavy rains and a soft top don’t mix well, so if you’re frequently getting soaked on your drive, then it’s time to consider a hard top.

Hard tops don’t store as conveniently and take some time to remove and replace. If you’re missing the breeze in your hair and the sun on your face, consider swapping out your hard top for something softer and more stylish.

Both types of tops require some maintenance and care. Without periodic washing, your Jeep and your top could show signs of wear. Just because it’s covered in mud half the summer doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve a good washing once in a while. Caring for your top improves its lifetime and prevents scratches and other imperfections.

Shop for Tops Today

Create your dream ride with Wrangler hard tops and soft tops. Shop online to compare prices and styles before ordering a new top or two. While you’re at it, browse other accessories to prepare for an off-road adventure in your Jeep Wrangler.

Featured Image by Scozzy from Pixabay