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How to Choose Essential Yoga Equipment

A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Yoga is blatantly to nourish the peace of the body and soul. As a beginner, you will slowly realize how sedately this mental, physical, and spiritual practice moves through your system and brings consistent improvement. Now that you already know how to do yoga exercises at home, it’s time to add quality in your practice with yoga equipment.

If you’re doubtful about “adding quality to yoga practice” requires high expense, you are certainly wrong. Yoga exercises need minimal apparel and equipment. Instead, choosing the right is most important. Beginners can enhance their yoga exercises through various yoga equipment. The following reflects a list of the essential yoga articles.


Yoga exercises involve various pranayama and asanas. It solely concentrates on making your body flexible. Hence to compliment this criterion, your clothing for yoga plays a vital role. Moreover, loose clothing hinders a lot of your yoga movements. So you should choose the right fitting, stretchable, and comforting yoga apparel.

Yoga clothing
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Here are some things to consider when choosing yoga clothing:

  1. You can’t go wrong with your yoga pants. Choose tight but good quality yoga pants that can help you with pushing your limits of flexibility. Make sure that the pants are dark-colored, breathable, and have an elastic waist. They should be of synthetic, cotton, or cotton-synthetic quality.
  2. Yoga tank tops should be breathable and sweat tolerant. They should have a proper fitting. Otherwise, it might roll up from your waist.  
  3. If you’re a woman, do wear appropriate sports bras. Although yoga doesn’t require much activity, its poses can sometimes make your bust awkward.

No matter whatever yoga clothing you choose, it is recommended to check its quality and physically test it while purchasing.

Yoga Mats

Using a yoga mat is very common. The difference between usual mats and yoga mats is that the latter provides traction and stickiness. This feature supports the various highly flexible yoga poses as you don’t want to slip out. Also, yoga mats offer you your own space. While buying a yoga mat, you need to be careful about a lot of its qualities. You need to check whether it is sweat tolerant or not. Of course, you are going to sweat while performing yoga. 

Yoga mat

So the mat has to be liberal enough to handle it. Check its length, as it completely depends on your preference. Stickiness and grip- These two qualities will provide you the needed grip. Lastly, the cushioning of the yoga mat allows you to sit with comfort even on a hard surface too. For example, yoga breathing exercises and brain yoga exercises need one to sit for a long duration. Hence good cushioning is essential.

Yoga Straps

A yoga strap can become your best buddy by helping you increase your flexibility level. Yoga straps are there to enhance your flexibility level so that you can prevent injuries that are caused by overstretching. Several types of yogas, like hot yoga, hatha yoga, etc. need high flexibility. 

Being a beginner, if you are using a yoga strap, then don’t intensify your practice initially. Learn to consume support and improve balance through it. In the process, get your flexibility in action. Again, while buying yoga straps, keep in mind that they are durable enough to handle pressure as they can be used to wrap tightly around your body. The belt should be of nonslip quality too. Not only back pain, but yoga blocks also help in improving several types of muscle pain too. 

Yoga on a beach
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Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks help you to improve your body alignment, body postures, and flexibility of muscles too. The yoga blocks are used to make you achieve an awkward position. For example, any pose that requires you to elevate your abdomen or partially lift your legs. In such postures, yoga blocks are really effective as they provide extra support. Beginners who have less flexibility should use them. 

Yoga exercises for back pain meet effective results if done with yoga straps. Apart from that, it is also effective in improving alignment and support to head and hips. People can also use it for meditation purposes. Yoga blocks should be of suitable size and material.

Yoga Balls

To strengthen core stability, yoga practitioners use yoga balls. Exercising with a yoga ball involves the participation of more muscles in the body, improving muscle strength and movement. Yoga ball exercises prove to be magical for abdominal and back muscles. For example, yoga balls are also used for exercising abs. Also known as gym balls, they need to have good elasticity and air pressure. However, you can change the air pressure inside according to your preference.

Yoga ball
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Yoga DVD

Yoga exercises for beginners can follow disciplined yoga through several yoga DVDs. Brain yoga exercises, back yoga exercises, face yoga exercises, etc. all have their own separate or combined DVDs. Beginners can take note of it. 

The beauty of yoga is that it has practitioners from all age categories. It is one of the best ways to keep you fit, not only physically but mentally also. People from all over the world are crazy about including yoga in their lifestyle. As a beginner, you are going to explore many phases of it. Try adding some of the yoga equipment that we have listed above for your home exercise routines.

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James Somers is a famous yoga practitioner. He has the best yoga DVDs for beginners, which has influenced thousands of people around the globe to adapt to yoga disciplines. According to him, good yoga is not only maintained by practicing it but should also be maintained from having good quality food. James also believes that yoga works wonders for physical and mental health.

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