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How to Choose Jewelry If You Like Minimalism?

There is a type of girls whose presence is almost imperceptible, they choose wardrobe essentials, light make-up and a complete lack of jewelry. Such girls will hardly attract much attention in the crowd, they do not shine in the sun with a play of diamonds. Fashionable creed of such girls is the simpler, the better. However, you shouldn’t deny yourself the joy of visiting and wearing jewelry every day. You should just know how to choose jewelry for casual clothes and not go beyond minimalism. First of all, you should decide what you like most, find stylish images and jewelry from as well. Each thing should ideally match your base wardrobe.

  1. Pendant.

The minimalistic pendant can complement the simplest base dress, giving the image lightness and femininity. This season, you can expect a whole set of woven shoes and bags with ridiculous patterns, so the simpler the accessory you choose, the better. If you don’t want to wear it, as usual, pay attention to the backless clothes and a chain, which runs along the line of the spine. This image is both humble and sexy. In any case, the long pendant requires a deep neckline, so try wearing it with a wrapped top in French style or with a simple cotton dress with no back. Choose shoes and bag according to the fashion trends.

  1. Ring.

Minimalist ring

The ring is always a good idea because it does not require special treatment. Usually, this element symbolizes something special like an engagement or an anniversary and has nothing to do with what clothes you choose. If you don’t like gold for some reason, choose a silver ring. If you do not wear any earrings, bracelets, or pendants, a neat ring can make the image romantic. In addition, total denim is a combination that everyone should try this summer. This image is full of French chic and charming simplicity, it is just a must-have for the wardrobe. All you need is quality jeans of a pleasant shade, a bright silk handkerchief, and, of course, a shopping bag. You can finish your look with a ring that will contain a symbol of travel and ambitious desires. Browse this site to find more awesome rings.

  1. Bracelet.

Even if you are a big fan of a base wardrobe, and it is impossible to find bright colors and extravagant things in your closet, you shouldn’t refuse the flower print this season. This summer is worth wearing clothes with small field flowers in combination with basic things, and if you are looking for a suitable accessory, then take a bracelet. A bright skirt with flowers and a simple white T-shirt is a combination that will never let you down. Choose elegant pumps or just white sneakers, denim and a minimalistic bracelet that will remind you of your beloved person. Your outfit should reflect your thoughts, worldview and only good mood.

  1. Earrings.

Earrings are universal accessory because it can complement any image, add romance to simple outfits, turn your casual look into an evening one and even draw attention to your face. Besides, if you’re not a fan of big clip-on or chandelier earrings, you do not need to give up accessories. Handmade stud earrings can become a perfect option and supplement to your image. Have you already heard that one of the sexiest textures this season is crochet, the lace of cotton threads? If you see such top or dress, buy it without thinking. You can wear your minimalistic earrings with a crochet top, shorts and a light striped jacket. Choose light colors to add some infantilism to the image. Such outfit is suitable both for work and a date. So, get dressed stylishly, even if you have a minimum of trendy things in your wardrobe. Do not forget that jewelry should be an integral part of your look this season.

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