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How to Create the Perfect Professional Space at Home

It pays to enhance your workspace in an era of remote working and managing start-ups from the living room. How can you achieve a comfortable and professional working space at home to inspire productivity? Let’s figure it out together.

A Complete Guide to Home Office Design

Choose the right location.

You’ll probably be spending many hours in your office space at home, so put time into finding the right location. A metal chair and desk in a windowless garage doesn’t inspire productivity.

Consider turning that spare room into your home office. A room with a door will serve best to keep the noise out when the kids, spouse, or siblings are at home.

If you have a small home, consider turning your bedroom into your office during the day. An effortless way to make this room more functional is by removing everything else you don’t need, except the bed, and introducing a work desk.

Before you settle on any location ideas, think about traffic flow and your ability to concentrate in the face of distractions. And if you have clients frequently stopping by, you might need to invest in a complete remodel to create a private space with expansive seating.

Create harmony between function and form

Your home office furniture and storage should sit right with the nature of your space. Think about the workflow you envision and the size of space you have before you invest in home office furniture.

Find furniture that is comfortable and functional, and that can complement your rooms without bringing out the lifelessness of your cubicle.

You have many options, including glam metal furniture and soft, warm wood chairs, depending on the decor direction you choose.

Mixing classic and modern pieces with bright colors and unique accessories puts a beautiful twist on to traditional home office.

Paint your walls the right colors

Colors influence mood and can inspire or downplay productivity. Find a wall color that revs your creativity engine. For many people, these tend to be brighter colors like red, yellow, or lime green. But if you are out to create a calm space, consider sea blue or botanical green.

For your home office, we emphatically recommend colors that make you feel mellow and happy. 

When working at home, the lines between 9 to 5 and 5 to 9 are blurry, and sometimes people end up working more hours than standard. Do your damnedest to find colors that inspire comfort and calm.

You deserve a view

Do you have a window in your home office? If you are one of the privileged few, position your desk so you can stare at the sunshine, people, or beautiful trees. When you glance up from your PC, your mind won’t just need a break. It’ll need inspiration. 

Create a view
Photo by Jud Mackrill on Unsplash

If you don’t have windows, don’t serve it blank walls—consider wall art. The right canvas prints can breathe life into any tiny or cramped space.

You are at home; comfort is a must.

Unless you strictly want a contemporary look, bring in extras that amplify the comfy feeling of your office. Small things such as trendy notepads, comfy pillows, or a branded mug can be a big difference in the vibe of your space.

Dress the bulletin board in a pretty fabric, and clad the bookshelves with curtains from the same material. Consider getting a fan or a portable air conditioner to help you get the right temperature in your work environment.

Save on square footage with vertical/horizontal organization

Space is mighty commons short in a home office. You will need strategies for maximizing your storage space. 

Floating shelves are a genius idea—it gets stationery off your desk, and you can even buy a smaller desk because of that. Also, consider getting a desk with many drawers so you can designate each for your files and papers.

Further home office storage ideas to try

  • Tuck your printer into drawers
  • Create a filing system to reduce paper clutter
  • Introduce a pegboard
  • Use cans and mason jars to hold your desk utensils

You need light and inspiration.

Just as you need many bright ideas for your project, your workspace needs light. Ultimately you will find that having the right light makes you more attentive and less drowsy. It reduces eye strain and enables you to work for longer.

Open the windows and locate your computer away from the direct glare. If you have no windows in your space, consider floor lights that shine upward. Bring in full wall drapery in white or cream colors to create an ambient background. It creates the illusion of a window.

If you follow these tips, you’ll create the home office of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Featured Photo by HausPhotoMedia on Unsplash