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How to Create the Perfect Travel Checklist

When you purchased your home among the Alexandria houses for sale or anywhere else, you probably had a long checklist of the many steps necessary in the process, from searching through properties to putting in the offer and closing. A travel checklist can also be a critical tool to ensure nothing important is missed when it comes to travel. One survey found toothbrushes were the most often forgotten item, but that’s something cheap and easy to pick up once you’ve reached your destination. Other items left behind, like a passport, can easily ruin an entire trip.

Here’s how to create your own perfect travel checklist no matter where you plan to go, ensuring nothing is missed. 


Suitcase of clothes
Image by katyveldhorst from Pixabay

The type of clothing you bring is obviously going to vary depending on your destination’s climate, but the key is to write down a list of the essentials, then cut it in half. It’s okay to wear the same shirt a few days in a row – and, even better, book a place with a washer and dryer, and you’ll really minimize what you need. Think about items you’ll need based on the activities you plan to do, and be sure to jot them down, such as a bathing suit if you’re planning to swim.

Financial Items

Be sure to write down necessary financial items like an extra bank/debit card and a credit card just in case you’re robbed, hacked, or lose one. The last thing you want to have happen is to be stuck without funds far from home. 

Documents and Copies of Documents

If you’re traveling internationally, you’ll need your passport, so be sure to put that on the list. Additionally, it’s important to make copies of it in case it’s lost or stolen. A copy will make it much easier to replace. Other documents might include a visa (if required by your destination), medical insurance details, an international driver’s license, and traveler’s insurance. 


Don't forget your maps
Image from Free-Photos on Pixabay

Even if you have a GPS, you need to bring a paper map or directions. You never know when you’ll get to an area without a signal where you can’t use your GPS. Getting lost or ending up in a bad neighborhood is a lot worse than being too proud to use an actual map, so be sure to put it on your list. Some guidebooks include maps too, but they usually aren’t as detailed. 

Electronic Gadgets

Unless you’re planning to disconnect, be sure to write down the electronic devices you’ll need while you’re away, considering the countries you’ll be visiting, as well as adaptors, may be necessary. For example, type C, E, and F plug outlet adapters will work for most of Europe, including Germany, France, Greece, Croatia, and Norway. Still, if you’re visiting Ireland or the UK, you’ll need type G. Simply do a Google search typing in “plug type for XYZ country.” You may want to bring your tablet or laptop, electronics chargers, camera, memory cards, etc. as well.


Remember the toiletries
Photo by Hana Brannigan from Pexels

If you have specific personal care products that you must bring, try and carry them in small, travel-sized bottles to take up less space. Otherwise, leave them off your list and buy them when you arrive.

Other Items for your travel checklist

If you’re a light sleeper, you’ll want to add an eye mask and earplugs to your list. Other considerations may include prescriptions for any medications that you’ll be bringing that require them – check with your destination’s government sites (s) to find out what’s allowed and what is specifically required when it comes to pharmaceuticals. 

Featured Image from Free Photos on Pixabay