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How to Lower Your Fall Heating Bills

Fall kicks in, and with it comes a bump to your electricity because of the cost of heating. It can seem hard to find a balance between a comfortable temperature and a low enough bill to let you feel financially secure, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. Instead of breaking the bank, push through these simple ways to lower your fall heating bills, and you’ll save tons of money in the long run.

Check Windows, Doors, Etc

This work might feel like the most obvious step, but many still overlook it. From deciding without checking that everything’s okay, you could be putting your home at risk to ignore a noticeable draft. Feel out any breezes first by using your body. If you feel an air current or temperature change next to a window or mirror, your home may have a draft.  

You can either seal off the leaks or replace the food or window that’s letting the air in so quickly.

Consider Your Insulation

Wall insulation
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Multiple types of insulation exist to give you different uses. It’s used in walls, attics and ceilings, and flooring, and if it reaches a specific thickness, you should be set. Check your insulation levels, or have them checked by a professional. They’ll be able to walk you through the condition of your insulation and whether you need more or should replace the insulation you have. This choice could be an expensive replacement, so watch your wallet when replacing your insulation.

How Was Your Floor Built?

Most houses for sale in Toronto have up to code floors, but some still slip through the cracks. Check your home’s flooring to see if it was built with insulation or protection from the outside or if you’ll be walking with little to separate you from the chilly crawlspace or basement of your home. A lot of heat could be lost from cold air seeping in.

Is Your Radiator Up To It?

Inspection heater radiator
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When’s the last time you had your radiator checked by a professional? At least once per season, a professional should come to check out your radiator and keep it up to date. To help this professional do their work, clean your radiator and any vents, and try running it before fall arrives full force. The last thing you want is to wait until it’s cold out, and you have to wait for days before a professional comes.

Optimize Sunlight


Let the sunshine in
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Keep your windows uncovered when facing the sun. This choice will help trap in the heat from the UV rays despite how cold out it is. Cover the windows again when the sunlight is no longer in that window to trap the heat. This action can raise your overall home’s heat by up to five temperatures, which can save on your fall heating bills.

Natural Heat Cuts Through

Do you have a fireplace? Before starting any fires, have a pro check your fireplace to ensure that it’s up to code and ready to host a fire. Lighting a fire in an unprepared fireplace can leave you and your loved ones at high risk of Co2 poisoning, as well as possibly starting a fire inside your home.

Featured Photo by Dan LeFebvre on Unsplash