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How to Stay Safe After a Car Accident

Every driver’s worst fear is getting into an accident, especially since it can happen at any time and pretty much anywhere on the road. Recent statistics show that roughly two million drivers in car accidents experience permanent injuries every year. As dangerous as a car accident can be, it’s equally important to look after your safety after the event too. These tips can help you stay safe and well after experiencing a car accident.

Turn Hazard Lights On 

Right after your car accident, pull off the road to stay safe if possible. If you can’t get off the road in time, turn on your hazard lights so that other traffic will notice you. This will help prevent another accident, especially if the original accident happened at night. 

Take Photos 

Once your car is in a safe place, be sure to photograph your car and injuries. This information helps your insurance company and any medical attention you may receive after the fact. Keeping records of everything that happened in the form of photos helps to protect you in the long run, especially if you aren’t at fault for the accident in the first place.  

Call the Police 

Immediately after your accident, call the police. Even if the other person took off, it’s important to document your side of the story so that you can get help if needed. Unless it’s a minor fender bender, a police officer is often necessary and has the training to note everything that happened, assessing the situation, and interviewing any witnesses. The police will also want to be notified if the cars involved are in the middle of traffic and can help block an area off and steer people away, allowing room for emergency vehicles and tow trucks.

See a Doctor 

See a doctor after an accident
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

After any car accident with significant contact, a doctor should see everyone involved to make sure there were no injuries. Even if there aren’t any visible conditions like whiplash that can show up after the fact, it’s always smart to be examined as soon as possible. In some cases, having a medical exam can be helpful when it comes to being reimbursed or covered by your insurance too. 

Speak with a Lawyer 

Depending on the severity of the accident, you may need legal advice. The top car accident lawyers in your area can help you get a settlement if the other driver is at fault and putting up a fight. It’s never a bad thing to consult a lawyer when you are trying to build a case for your insurance company.  

Talk to Your Insurance 

No matter who was at fault, you’ll want to contact your insurance company as soon as you can. While it may not physically affect your safety, it can help protect you financially, especially if the other driver is at fault. Your insurance company will contact their insurance company to cover the costs involved. If you are the one at fault, your insurance may cover some or all of the costs; however, you may also have to pay a deductible and ultimately higher rates depending on your record.

Featured Photo by Papp-Kuster Ádám from FreeImages