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Hyderabad stays favourite among investors post Andhra split

Hyderabad stays favourite among investors post Andhra split

Investments to the tune of Rs 4,000 crore have poured in with businesses strategies new looking to expand operations and declare

Hyderabad has emerged as the only heaven for investors to park their funds in Telangana. With other grade-II and III cities, their investments are being funneled by businesses into the city.

Based on reports, since the unveiling of Telangana’s business policy in June this past year, Rs 4,000 crore is already poured into the city, with New businesses expanding operations strategies declared by the state government.

“We firmly consider Hyderabad provides a business-friendly environment with broad authorities. Its exceptional sociocultural diversity with a stable appearing girls workforce resonates with our core belief in diversity and is an enabler for our aim to recruit 50% girls supervisors and coworkers,” Juvencio Maeztu, chief executive officer, Ikea India.

In the undivided Andhra Pradesh, also, Hyderabad has brought most investments. However, there was a spread of cities including Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam digging into the pie.

The city scores high on both planned and present infrastructure — Metro train, outer ring road, MMTS, and international airport. “Also, the current residential costs in the city are one of the most economical across the Tier I cities of the state, an important variable affecting the stream of ability in the city,” says Anurag Jhanwar, head — consulting and data penetrations, PropTiger.

Nevertheless, specialists say, that for development and a balanced urbanisation, more cities should be brought on the development radar. “Hyderabad can support a predetermined amount of development.

The constant growth of the city is, besides, delaying the development of other cities.

Following the bifurcation were additionally on the outskirts of the city a couple of private investments declared. “This is as the firms would need to make use of the infrastructure of Hyderabad. However, they’ll technically be in another district,” says Roy.

The necessity was the main reason the authorities suggested Karimnagar and Warangal instead of Hyderabad, for Smart City, they say.

“The other cities aren’t yet an investment option. They’re going to appear appealing only in the event the government steps in and updates the infrastructure,” says Roy.

Making it as a Tourism area although the government has, of late, proposed Warangal as an emerging destination.

Whereas Khammam has granite in wealth, Karimnagar and Medak districts are famous for iron ore. The huge edge many of these cities have is their closeness to Hyderabad, and this could be leveraged.

“Hyderabad should drive the increase in these types of cities, and they can become satellite towns.