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Is database important for a programmer?

You do not need to be an expert database administrator in order to manipulate and manage information effectively. Anyone can design a spreadsheet in Excel or even on Google Drive and use it to organize certain data. If you are a professional developer of a database, you can use very simple tools such as those. But you will also likely take advantage of other vital things that will help you become successful at your job. Here are some examples by programminggeeks.

Database Administrators vs. Database Developers 

Database administrators are experts with proper training that maintain and manage databases at a very high level. For example, they utilize tools that will help them monitor databases and fix the problems when they happen.

Database administrators might never write codes for programming just to create an end-user application. A shopping cart of a website is an example of an application that is an end-use that people on the Website interact with when they purchase on the Web that certain companies normally outsource to vendors or external technologies. Closely, developers of databases might never manage such large-scale databases. However, they will write some codes that can create such end-user applications.

Important Skills Required.

Databases can be very simple such as XML files, or as complicated as large-scale relational databases with around dozens of tables. A database developer who wants to design high-performance databases that will also not waste any disk space needs to know how to logically organize such information.

Excellent analytical skills will also help the database developers in designing applications very efficiently; for instance, tables in many databases would often have keys that will link on one table to another; this removes the redundancy. 

A Customer ID is one of the very examples of a key field that several tables might have in common. A developer of the database needs to know how to organize these types of keys, together with many other certain fields, to design an application that can store and retrieve data very efficiently.

Important Tools Required

Although it is not impossible to write applications that are data-driven with the use of a plain-text editor, developers of databases can work faster and more effectively when they use specialized software tools. 

These tools can also help the developers write queries that can let them acquire data from tables very rapidly. This capability is vital when doing end-user apps that uses that certain data.

Similar to Toad, the SQL Server Management of Microsoft Studio Express is another important program that can help make database development much more efficient.

Harvesting the Web

The Internet can also be important to database developers when it comes to treating data applications that often need writing special programs, which are called stored procedures that has code that performs tasks such as adding data to tables, creating tables that are temporary, and even deleting data.

Featured Photo by Gabriel Sollmann on Unsplash