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Just bad luck or negligence?

Discover why you might need a PI lawyer

It’s safe to say that accidents happen. Whether you’re a small child and you trip over your own feet in the playground, or you’re an adult who’s too busy looking at their phone and you walk straight into a doorframe. Cuts, scrapes, bumps, and bruises – they’re all part of everyday life. But, what if your accident wasn’t just bad luck or negligence or your own stupidity? What if you’re now hurt and unable to work and provide for your family because of someone else’s negligence? You could have a personal injury case on your hands. This is usually when victims reach out to personal injury lawyers, like this Broussard personal injury lawyer

So, what circumstances might you find yourself needing a personal injury lawyer? Read on for more information.

Car accidents 

Car accidents are sadly, very common and are usually the result of human error. Their causes can range from distracted driving and drunk driving to falling asleep at the wheel and, of course, speeding and aggressive driving. Injuries can vary from broken bones and fractures to devastating head injuries and even death. 

A dog bite

Dog bite
Image by freegr from Pixabay

Being bitten by a dog can be a wholly traumatic experience. Many dogs bite when they are unprovoked, or they have been conditioned by their owners to be overly aggressive. A dog bite can result in surgery, psychological trauma, especially in children and even rabies

Medical malpractice

If you feel ill or you’re concerned about your health, you speak to your doctor for advice and to seek treatment. Sadly, it’s not always straightforward. Especially if your doctor has misdiagnosed you, has made an error in your surgery or medication, and has left your quality of life significantly poorer than what it was before. 

A mishandled birth

The anticipation of your newborn’s arrival should bring nothing but excitement and joy. Sadly many parents don’t get to have the experience that they dreamt of. Injuries to the child and mother, brain damage resulting in life-changing disabilities and even death. Neglect can begin during pregnancy, where opportunities can be missed to save the child or mother’s life, or neglect during delivery can result in devastating consequences. 

Slips, trips, and falls

Image by user1629 from Pixabay

These kinds of incidents are known as premises reliability and usually occur in public places where the owners of the area or building have a duty to keep patrons and members of the public safe. If you trip on a torn carpet, fall down poorly lit stairs or slip and break your back on a wet floor, for example, then the owner could be liable. 

Final thoughts…

Was your accident just Just bad luck or negligence?  There are also many other circumstances where you may need a PI lawyer. So, if you believe you’re the victim of negligence, speak with a lawyer as soon as possible. 

Featured Image from Claim Accident Services from Pixabay