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Karam Zahalka – Amplifying upon his inherited fortune to create his own legacy

Many billionaires in the world today come from humble beginnings and build huge empires from nothing. Some exuberant individuals amplify their inherited fortune to create companies that far exceed those of their parents. However, family money and background play a pivotal role when it comes to launching a business. It goes without saying that it is one of the primary funding sources for startups well ahead of options like bank loans and venture capital. 

Making a successful business is not easy, but building a business with family can be challenging. The job of operating a family business often falls into complications leading to some unwanted results. So, when it comes to amplifying the family-owned business, the co-founder of “Tiberius Honey Spoon,” Karam Zahalka, is one of the latest examples to be discussed. 

Born to a Muslim family on December 22, 2002, in Haifa, Israel, Zahalka received his high school studies at Al Carma Seminary High School in Haifa and later studied business administration at Ono Academic College. The eldest of his siblings, Zahalka embarked on his journey as a businessman when he joined his father’s company Urban C.

Many successful businessmen who have climbed the top of the mountain have covered a long journey before reaching where they are today. Some are not fortunate enough to get financial support from their family. On the contrary, some are raised in a family surrounded by academics and businessmen. Zahalka, too, grew up in a business family. Although he joined his father’s company, his arrival in the company boosted their already flourishing business. 

Expanding the business

It was in 2021 when under his father’s wing, Zahalka expanded the once-small aluminum factory to a big and global company when he started the company’s operations in Dubai. However, for several reasons, some family-run businesses don’t make it to the next generation. Sometimes the failure to translate separate visions in a family-owned business leads to a downward spiral. Since Zahalka’s best friend is his father, they have a great bond. 

In 2022, with a vision to expand the business, Zahalka shifted his focus and started Urban C Real Estate Company and began working on real estate projects, building and renovating buildings. By December 2022, his company had expanded to Haifa, Kafr Qara, and Tel Aviv. In addition, with the rise of technology, Zahalka also invests in startup companies to encourage technological advancements in Israel. 

Exposure to the honey spoon industry

Zahalka family has five generations in the land of Israel, and Karam Zahalka spent a good amount of time with his grandmother. Growing up as a child, he was exposed to the unlimited benefits of using honey instead of normal medicine to cure several illnesses. His grandmother had medicine for everything based on honey. Zahalka was always fascinated by stories his grandmother told him about the flavors and combinations of honey. 

When he grew older, he chose to explore honey until he discovered a recipe for making a honey foundation for various drinks and delicacies such as tea, hot and cold yogurts, and ice creams with the addition of a teaspoon of flavored honey. Zahalka became involved with the honey spoon industry on his trip to Turkey. With his father’s and relatives’ support, he established a factory in his hometown of Kfar Kara to make honey spoons of various tastes. In 2020, the Zahalka family shifted focus to rebuilding the factory of dental implants worth NIS 20 million. The company was founded in the 90s by Zahalka’s father. 

In a nutshell, Zahalka, in the early phase of his career as a businessman, has proven that joining a family business can be successful if done correctly. With his father by his side, he expanded his family business at the very early age of 22. He has not only expanded the business, but he has also launched other businesses under the business where he started from. Though Zahalka still has a long journey to cover before reaching the top of his game. Given the amount of success he has gained in a short amount of time, he might expand his family business to new heights by expanding it on a global scale.