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Knowing Where to Look to Find Great Talent for Your Business

Finding top talent for your business is much more than highlighting pay, benefits, and a bulleted list of what the job entails. 

Top talent wants to feel a connection to your company, know what your values and mission are, and be able to see themselves working for you.

There are many ways to seek out such candidates during your hiring process that involve more than a simple job posting. Be sure to invest in ATS software to track potential talent, as keeping this organized is just as essential as where you go to find interviewees.

Your Employees

Did you just have a facepalm moment? It seems so simple, yet it is so effective: turning to the people you already employ. 

Your employees can do so much for you in the way of candidates for both current job openings and future ones. 

First, spread the word about open positions to them so they can think of who might be a good fit in their own network. Chances are they know a wide group of people in the industry or something similar that you would not otherwise have access to. 

Create employee referral programs to motivate workers to aid in your candidate search. 

You can also ask employees to provide testimonials about their experience working for you. They can speak best to your company’s culture, mission, and values. They are a first-hand account of what it’s like to work there, and those words can hold weight with candidates looking to connect with a company on a personal level.

Social Media

You most likely find yourself scrolling through social media feeds daily – so why not turn that into something productive? 

Use employee testimonies on social alongside job openings. Highlight company events or anything else the company is doing that shows its personality. 

Take the time to look at who follows you or interacts with your posts. You may find a potential candidate among all the likes and comments. Getting a glimpse into who they are via their social network is an efficient way to vet talent.

Classic Networking

Before emails, direct messages, and phone calls became the main mode of connecting with people, meeting in person was a fantastic way to see potential candidates. 

We aren’t talking about job interviews but informal opportunities to have live conversations during conferences, mixers, or meet-ups. Taking the pressure off helps candidates open up and be more of who they are so you can see how they might fit into your company.

Professional Recruiters

Some jobs call for more intensive work when hunting down the right person. In this case, turn to recruit companies or headhunters to help you find quality talent. 

This will eliminate much of the research you would otherwise be doing. It also sets you up for greater success, as these professionals have a pool of potential employees tailored to what you’re looking for and may have otherwise been out of your reach.

Featured Image by 3D Animation Production Company from Pixabay