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Locking Up Your Bicycle In New York City

Rules & Regulations In New York City

For cruising around New York City, it’s hard to improve on the designs for city bicycles. These bikes are made for the urban jungle, and they offer a smart blend of comfort, style, and stability for bike lanes and trails. They come equipped with angled-back handlebars, suspension forks, skirt and chain guards, and built-in lighting. You will love your bicycle for many reasons, so the last thing you want or need is to have your ideal ride stolen from you. New York City is a wonderful place, but like anywhere else, bicycle thieves are always looking for an easy target. So make it tough on them. Follow these practices to keep your bike safe in the city by locking up your bicycle:

  • Invest in a tough bike lock
  • Avoid leaving your bike in one spot for a long time
  • Secure your bike to a permanent bike rack, streetlamp or steel fence railing
  • Take valuable items with you
  • Resist locking up to something loose or made of wood
  • Avoid locking to off-limit items
Bike Lock
Image by ShonEjai from Pixabay

In New York City, it is illegal to lock your bike against trees and on MTA stair railings at subway stops. Bike thieves are determined, so make sure your bike is secured in a way that slows them down. The longer it takes for a thief to steal a bike, the less likely it will be successful. 

Best Places To Ride in the City

Whether you are using your own power or getting a little assistance from an electric bicycle, New York City has some great riding options. You get to experience the energy and sights of iconic places such as Central Park, as well as the benefits of nature and exercise. If you are new to the city riding scene, always familiarize yourself with current bike laws before heading out. It is not required, but wearing a bike helmet is always recommended.

One good choice for a short ride is Governors Island in the New York Harbor. You won’t have to contend with traffic on this 2.1-mile route, and you will get views of the water, the Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty. At 4.4 miles one way, the East River Greenway is a good place to spend half a day on your bike. Again, you won’t have to contend with vehicular traffic, plus you will experience great views of the city and pedal under three major bridges. A third choice, the Hudson River Greenway, goes for 11 miles in one direction and takes riders through scenic areas of Manhattan.

Top Bikes for the City Experience
Photo by Coen van den Broek on Unsplash

Top Bikes for the City Experience

The best hybrid bikes for sale give you the perfect travel mode to enjoy the city in your leisure time. These bikes look sharp and come in a variety of colors, gear options, and designs. They are available for both men and women and are available in electric bike styles, too. Even better, you can customize the bike, so it includes the features you value most. Once you have the perfect bike for your riding style, a great place to ride, and a way to keep your bike safe, you are ready to explore this amazing city. Locking up your bicycle will ensure it is where you left it while sightseeing New York City on foot.

Featured Photo by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash