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Mere Angne Mein(MAM) 26th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Today

Mere Angne Mein(MAM) 26th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Today

The Episode begins with Kaushalya told Shanti that they should help Riya and Shivam. Shanti enlightened Sarla about the house getting free. Sarla acted that she went to the temple for same. For freeing Riya and Shivam Shanti leaves.

Nirmala gets some advice about the issue, why is she assembling bag? Rani says I will call Sarla. Nirmala says don’t go there right now. Sarla tells Rani that your fantasy will be a dream, I’ve snatched my cash from Amit, I understand you made him do this, you instructed him to purchase Shanti Sadan by taking my cash, my child Ram was made by you as Raavan.

Mere Angne Mein(MAM) 26th September 2016 Written Episode

Mere Angne Mein(MAM) 26th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Today
Mere Angne Mein(MAM) 26th September 2016 Written Episode Updates

She requests that Rani leaves from here. Rani says I didn’t do anything; the cash has been stolen by Amit; he said you’re a witch, he will kick Ashok and Nirmala out, and give you a corner, on the off. Sarla went to buy Shanti Sadan and inquires what weakness, you’ve stolen my cash; Rani let me understand everything. Amit says Rani said the statement that is misleading, I’ll say complete truth, Nirmala does not have any house, she’s sold it two months back. Sarla gets stunned.

Preeti what are you going to say to Kaushalya was asked by pari, your dwelling is getting unloaded. Preeti says that’s the reason I ‘ve come digging in for the long haul at Lucky’s house. Pari gets some information about her . Furthermore, your family will remain in my house, and I’ll get destitute, its opportunity to help me, I m enthusiastic to wind up your Jethani. Preeti says I let him know and will call Lucky. Pari says I adore you Preeti. Preeti says I adore you as well, eat.

Amit tells Sarla that Nirmala did this, she destroyed our life; we’ll reveal her out. Sarla requests that Nirmala clear out. Amit says yes, we will reveal her out. Nirmala says I won’t go anyplace. Sarla says what did this occur and holds her head.

Shivam and Riya told Inspector that we were innocent and did all this to save our house. Shanti asked Inspector to leave Shivam and Riya. Otherwise she’ll go on strike. After, inspector threatens that a girl society is run by her daughter.

Her hand and uses blood cuts to her face and started yelling that Inspector doesn’t beat me. After getting stressed Inspector left Shivam and Riya.

Nimmi says if Shivam and Riya did not return then… Kaushalya says this house got spared as a consequence of everybody’s hard work, when this family is joined, this house cans shake. Shanti realizes Sarla’s dwelling and pays rickshaw driver less admission. He claims and requests full admission. She says my age and give me markdown. She requests that he hold her tote and says when did I give my satchel, I will phone the authorities. He clears out, take your tote, and says you’re doing dramatization for 5rs. She says the day is excellent; cash got spared.

Nirmala’s sack is packed by Sarla and chastens her for conning. Sarla requests that her get out. Sarla kicks out Nirmala and opens the entryway. They get stunned seeing Shanti outside the entryway.


Shanti asks why is Nirmala staying here. Sarla says Ashok wanted me to help Nirmala, so I gave her place to stay here. Shanti says I ‘ve seen sindoor in Nirmala’s manage. Sarla gets shocked.