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Motorcycle Accidents Cause Hundred of Injuries in Illinois Annually

Motorcycle crashes account for just 1.1 percent of all Illinois crashes in 2016, according to a report by the state’s Department of Transportation. Unfortunately, the number of fatalities increased by 4.8 percent, up from 147 the year before to 154 in 2016. These deaths accounted for 14.3 percent 2016 fatalities and the number of motorcyclists injured went up 2 percent to 2,692.

Motorcycle accidents in the state have gone down over the last few years but continue to result in thousands of injuries and fatalities. Statistics prove that motorcyclists are 26 times likelier than car occupants to suffer a fatality. Motorcycle accidents can be sudden and devastating, For those injuries by careless drivers, there’s no recompense that can make up for the pain and loss, but it’s good to know what legal rights apply after an accident.

Motorcycle Accidents

Getting Experienced Representation is Critical

Motorcyclists are uniquely susceptible to serious or fatal injuries for the following reasons:

  • Motorcyclists are often thrown from their bike in a vehicle crash
  • Motorcyclists can be crushed beneath larger vehicles

Cars and trucks have airbags and tons of metal that protect their occupants, but motorcyclists have no real protection in an accident. Next to medical help, the next most important thing motorcyclists need in experienced legal representation.

“Personal injury claims involving serious injuries or wrongful death are complex and require the attention of an experienced personal injury attorney. Such claims must be properly managed to protect the rights of accident victims,” according to Strom and Associates, a Chicago law firm specializing in personal injury cases.

Motorcyclists are Among the Most Vulnerable Drivers

Motorcycles offer little protection and a helmet only protects the head. Instead, riders absorb the impact with their bodies. Unbelievably, riders in Illinois aren’t mandated to wear a safety helmet, despite the fact that motorcyclists are twice as likely to suffer head injuries without a helmet.  Safety gear helps prevent injury in a crash and can make riding more enjoyable.  comfortable, put you in better control of your bike, and help you be seen by other drivers. Bright colors on the jacket and helmet help drivers see you and can also help prevent accidents.

There’s no legislation pending to reverse the no-helmet-required laws, so motorcyclists need to take the needed precautions to ensure their safety.

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