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Need and Importance of Holi for everyone

Need and Importance of Holi for everyone

Importance of Holi

There are many facets of Holi, which makes it important for our lives, in spite of being such a colourful and gay festival. Though they may not be quite as obvious just a little consideration and a closer look will show the importance of Holi in more ways than meets the eyes. Ranging from socio-cultural, spiritual to biological there’s every reason why we cherish the reasons for its parties and must take pleasure in the festival.

So when it’s time for Holi, please do not hold yourself back and appreciate the festival to the hilt by participating in every little tradition with total excitement.

Mythological Reasons

Holi gets us close to our mythology as well as our faith as it’s basically the party of various legends related to the festival.

Foremost is the legend of Hiranyakshyap and Prahlad. The legend says there dwelt Hiranyakshyap, a demon and strong king, who wanted everybody to worship him and considered himself a god. His son, to his great ire, Prahlad started to worship, Lord Vishnu. The custom of burning Holika or the ‘Holika Dahan’ comes primarily from this legend.

Holi also observes the legend of Krishna and Radha which describes the extreme joy, and Krishna took in throwing colour on Radha and other gopis. This prank of Krishna became part of the Holi festivities as well as a tendency.

Mythology also says that Holi is the celebration of passing of Ogress Pootana, who attempted to kill Krishna, baby, by feeding poisonous milk to the baby.

Another legend of Holi that’s very popular in Southern India is that of Kaamadeva and Lord Shiva.

Also, popular is the legend of Ogress Dhundhi, who used to trouble kids in the kingdom of Raghu and was finally chased away by the pranks of the children on the day of Holi. Showing their belief in the legend, children hurl abuses during the time of Holika Dahan and till date play pranks.

Traditional Customs

The celebration of the many legends connected with Holi reassure the people of the power of the truth as the moral of every one of these legends is the best triumph of good over evil. The legend of Hiranyakashyap and Prahlad additionally points to the fact that extreme commitment to god pays as God always takes his true devotee in his shelter.

This is very important in the modern day society when so many individuals torture one who is fair and resort to bad practices for small-scale gains. Holi helps the people to fight the evil away as well as to believe in the virtue of being honest and truthful.

Furthermore, Holi is observed at a time of the year when the fields are in full bloom and individuals are expecting a good harvest. This gives a people a great reason.

Social Significance

For, the festival is observed by non-Hindus also as everybody like to be part of such a colourful and joyous holiday.

Besides, the tradition of the Holi is that buddies turn on Holi and forget any feeling of adversity which may be present.

In the evening, people visit relatives and friends and exchange gifts, sweets and greetings. This aids in revitalising relationships and strengthening emotional bonds between people.

Biological Value

It’s intriguing to notice the festival of Holi is not insignificant for body and our lives in a number of ways other than providing pleasure and comfort.

And, additionally for integrating so much pleasure in the holiday.

As Holi comes at a time of the year when folks have an inclination to feel lazy and tired. Folks sing loud or even talk loud to counteract this tardiness of the entire body. Their movements are lively as well as their music is loud. All this helps to rejuvenate the system of the body.

Biologists consider Abeer or the liquid dye penetrates the body and enters in the pores. It’s the impact of strengthening the ions within the body and adds attractiveness and health to it.

There’s just one more scientific reason for observing the Holi, and this nevertheless pertains to the custom of Holika Dahan. The mutation span of springtime and winter causes the growth of bacteria in the body in addition to in the atmosphere. Temperature increases to about 145 degrees Fahrenheit when Holika is burnt.

The manner Holi is observed in the south, the festival also encourages good health. For, the day following the burning of Holika folks set ashes (Vibhuti) on their forehead and they’d combine Chandan (sandal paste) with the young leaves and blossoms of the Mango tree and have it to encourage good health.

Western- physicians and Doctors consider that for a healthy body, colours also have a significant area aside from the other essential components. Lack of a particular colour in our body causes ailment, which may be treated just by supplementing the body with that particular colour.

A clean house usually makes the residents produce positive energies and feel good.