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P.V. Sindhu: Indian Badminton Player Wins 3rd Grand Prix Gold Title in a Row at 2015 Macau Open

P.V. Sindhu: Indian Badminton Player Wins 3rd Grand Prix Gold Title in a Row at 2015 Macau Open:

Two time defending champ P V Sindhu finished a hat trick of women’s singles title in the USD 120,000 Macau Japan’s Minatsu Mitani in the finals here ON Sunday. Open Grand Prix Gold after conquering
Mitani developed a competitive rally and sealed it using a down the line smash but she neglected to check her mistakes and the majority of her returns went long and wide to let Sindhu lead 17-6 in a jiffy.
Sindhu, on the flip side, was largely precise with her smashes and falls as she lead 19-9. The Indian reached the match point using a smash and came up with a few acute angled returns to problem Mitani. The Japanese subsequently went wide to deliver the very first match to Sindhu.
On a confident note, Sindhu started following the reversal of sides but she began missing the lines and Mitani lead 4-2. The Indian assessed her unforced mistakes and came up with spectacular smashes to wrest the lead and go to 7-4.
Sindhu also discovered the net to let Mitani to surge and made a few erroneous judgments at the service line.

Mitani started off with a service fault but the Japanese developed precise placements which found Sindhu off guard. Nevertheless, the Indian clawed back at 16 and kept breathing down her neck -16.
went neck-and-neck till 19-19 when Sindhu made a significant line judgement to go to match point. But the shuttlecock was sent by her next. A fine internet point gave a 21 to Sindhu -20 match point but Mitani saved. Sindhu next hit long to provide Mitani, who caught the chance after the Indian netted following a long engrossing rally the match point

Back on her side that is winning, Sindhu marched to a 5-3 lead. Mitani continued to fight with returns and her line rulings to enable Sindhu build a large lead at 9-4. The couple returns and back and forth participated in some long rallies with cross court strokes.
Before Mitani pocketed a point with a brilliant internet play, following the period, Sindhu caught six of the following eight points. Sindhu lost a point when the linesmen judged in but she caught the next a shuttlecock.
A composed Sindhu did not panic and waited for Mitani’s mistake although the Japanese saved three match points and she shortly send the shuttlecock broad again to help her complete the hat trick.

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