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Proxy Shopping: 3 Easy Tips for a Hassle-Free Experience

From vintage Hermes bracelets in New York to vegan skincare products in Korea, shopping from all over the world is very much possible if you know what you’re doing. Take proxy shopping, for example; it means someone who’s got your back on the shopping aisles and does the legwork for you if you’re either too busy or when a website doesn’t ship to your neck of the woods.

Of course, it’s still a working relationship, and so you want to do things properly if you’re going to have a hassle-free experience. Here are three helpful tips. 

Spell Out What You Want

When someone else is shopping for you, you want to spell out what you really want as clearly as possible. It cuts out the confusion and saves time so that your shopper gets exactly what you have in mind.

Get into details as much as possible. Brands, sizes, colors – everything. In fact, if you’re after a specific model or version, definitely mention that. 

Say you’re after a pair of running shoes. Vague Request: “Get me some running shoes.” Detailed Wish List: ” I want the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37, men’s size 10, preferably in black, but really white and grey will do too. 

Stay in the Loop with Real-Time Updates

In the proxy shopping world, staying in the loop means staying in control. Real-time updates are how you’ll know enough to still call the shots as all the shopping happens. 

So ask for details! Ask for photos of options, receipts – whatever you need to know. In fact, you want to have a quick communication channel, so pick mutual messaging apps for those on-the-fly updates.

For example, imagine your proxy shopper has a couple of designer suit options. Without updates: They just pick one they like randomly. With real-time updates: You get pictures of all the options plus prices so that you get to decide which suits your vibe.

Cash Talk: Be Crystal Clear About Payments

Talking cash may not be the most exciting part, but being crystal clear about payments really means no financial surprises. It sets the stage for a smooth transaction that everyone’s happy with.

So lay it all out – share your budget limits, preferred payment method, and thoughts on any extra fees that might pop up. The clearer, the better.

For example, say you’re really looking to buy a rose gold necklace with a budget of exactly $1500. Vague budget: Oops, the proxy shopper goes over budget, and now you have to pay a lot more than you want to. With payment clarity: You set the budget straight, and the shopper checks in before going over so that you get to give the green light or the nix.


Proxy shopping can be incredibly convenient, but only if you do things right! You want to start with being clear on what you want, staying in the loop, and talking extensively about money. 

Featured Photo by charlesdeluvio on Unsplash