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RNVGo in Minneapolis Lets You Vacation in Style

So, you’re looking for a vacation away from the alternating demands and humdrum of your usual life. Things are different than they were just a few scant years ago. One global pandemic later, you’re ready to get out there again! Who can blame you? We spent years stuck inside and unable to enjoy the world, and now we have a chance to enjoy the world again. With summer just around the corner, people are looking for new experiences and a new way to enjoy those experiences. An increasingly popular way to do that is to rent an RV and hit the road.

There are more than a few reasons you should enjoy a rental RV trip; we’ll go over some of them together in this article. But at the end of the day, there’s one reason that stands out above all others: you deserve it. We who live in Minneapolis are some of the most hard-working people in the United States, and we deserve to enjoy ourselves! You work hard, and you should play just as hard. When it’s time to play, you could do much worse than an RV rental in Minneapolis. Here’s why! 

Lots of Places to Go

From Yellowstone National Park to the Florida Keys and everywhere in-between, RVs are the best way to enjoy a road trip outside your usual wheelhouse. Every major city (and most minor ones!) has at least one dedicated RV campground you can enjoy, and most campgrounds have their own attractions. You can enjoy the beauty of nature at your leisure! Lakes, hiking trails, and other fantastic getaways from the bustle of a city are just outside where you’ll park. 

That said, you can’t ignore the big cities, too! Taking an RV trip to places like Las Vegas or Orlando is a great way to see the sights and enjoy your destination’s amenities. Then, when you’re done with the city for the day, you can enjoy the camping experience in luxury and style. The great outdoors, now with air conditioning! RVs offer the freedom to vacation your way, no matter what that way may be. 

Luxury Without Commitment

Buying an RV is expensive. There’s no easy way around that. Renting has many advantages over buying, the most obvious being the drastic, almost comical reduction in cost. When you buy, you’re on the hook for payments for years. Not to mention, you and you alone are responsible for maintenance, which can be far more expensive than a more conventional car or truck. These costs can be prohibitively expensive, barring people from enjoying a good road trip in an RV. You can see some of the hidden costs of owning an RV here.

Renting to the rescue, then! Renting allows you to enjoy the luxuries of RV living without worrying about the sense of permanence that comes from buying. You can avoid years of paying it off and maintaining it by taking one for an extended test drive. An RV is a vehicle and hotel all in one! Why commit to something when you haven’t tried it out? As for long-term considerations, renting may be more cost-effective than buying, even if you do decide you want to keep at it. Simply plan your vacation, rent an RV when you need it and only for as long as you need, and enjoy with no strings attached. Given that comparable recreational vehicles can run you as high as $100,000 to $300,000 to buy, renting one on your terms when you want to get away is by far the more cost-effective way to go. 

It’s a Popular Retirement Option

RV motorhome
Image by Victor Ronald MacGill from Pixabay

When it comes time to finally kick back and enjoy the fruits of all your years of hard work, the only question that remains is what to do with your newfound time and money! No one in their right mind would argue that Minneapolis isn’t a great place to be, especially in retirement age, but let’s face it. You don’t want to be there every day for the rest of your life! You’ve earned the chance to see what’s waiting for you in the rest of the country. Most retiree people choose to spend a lot of their time traveling, and it’s easy to see why. Renting an RV to scratch that itch is the perfect way to do it. 

On top of the reasons mentioned earlier in this article, retirement offers a different and unique reason: you can do it whenever you want to! While RV retirement is popular. Check out Kiplinger’s ten reasons to retire in an RV. Renting lets you live the vacation lifestyle without the financial burden of paying it off forever. Pack your bags, load up your family, and just go when and where you choose to. Without being tied to buying one and without any other reason not to, renting an RV is an obvious if unorthodox choice for retirees with financial sense and a wild spirit. 

Featured Image by Siggy Nowak from Pixabay