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Rohtak, India: Court Sentences to Death 7 Men Convicted of Raping and Murdering Nepalese Woman

Rohtak, India: Court Sentences to Death 7 Men Convicted of Raping and Murdering Nepalese Woman: 

A special court on Monday granted the death sentence to seven men convicted of gang raping and killing a Nepalese girl that was psychologically disabled in Rohtak in February this year.

While a ninth defendant had committed suicide before a minor is being tried in a juvenile court.

The 28-year old victim was viciously gang raped and killed, after which the guys dumped her body on the Rohtak-Hisar road at a deserted spot in Akbarpur village. The post mortem report revealed rocks and serious harms and blades were discovered in the girl’s abdomen.

“I give the death sentence to all these accused in the instance, and they need to be hanged till death,” Singhal said.

“Besides a judicial officer, I’m also a human being and may hear the groan of the sufferer. Girls are still facing offense and discrimination from men in our society and we still see gender prejudice in our system, but the ruling should send a powerful message to the folks which is the demand of the hour,” she said. “We need not conceal our identity behind Nirbhaya and other names. Girls should tell their names with pride.”

The seven men were created in a jam-packed court amid heavy police deployment on Monday and were pronounced guilty during the past hearing on Friday.

The verdict came following the court recorded statements of 66 witnesses, the majority of them over the previous 10 months, from authorities.

During arguments on the quantum of sentence, Deepak Bhardwaj, who was named counsel for the accused, said all of them couldn’t be held guilty of the offense predicated on circumstantial evidence and the police investigation didn’t establish all of the claims against the accused.

“This is the rarest of rare instances, as the accused have viciously killed a mentally disabled girl after gang rape as well as added rocks and used condoms into her private parts.

The defence counsel said the issue would be taken up in a higher court.

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