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Romantic Birthday Messages Images for Girlfriend in English

Romantic Birthday Messages Images for Girlfriend in English

Happy Birthday Greetings!!! This is the day when every boy who has girlfriend plans something special to make his girlfriend feel how important and special she is to his life. Few boys present some expensive gifts like diamonds, necklaces etc. While few give a tight hug, kiss and say happy birthday to her. Few girlfriends prefer expensive gifts while few prefer only this loyalty to continue throughout their life from their boyfriend. Besides this, few share birthday messages for girlfriend in english, birthday messages for girlfriend romantic, birthday messages for girlfriend images etc. with their girlfriend.

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If you are looking forward to share all such cool birthday messages. Hope our collection might help you. Please scroll down to check out. Feel free to share them online.

Birthday Messages for Girlfriend Romantic

birthday messages for girlfriend images
birthday messages for girlfriend images
  • I never really thought I’d meet someone like you. All of your days should be as special as your birthday. I want to do whatever I can to make that happen.
  • This day is the best day of the year because on this day the love of my life was born. Happy Birthday! I love you!
  • I know I don’t always show it, but you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Let’s make your birthday the very special celebration it should be, and I’ll remind you of just how much you mean to me. I love you!
  • Happy Birthday to the one without whom my life is incomplete.
  • Closing the doors on the world so we can be together is where I find the most joy. Happy Birthday!
  • You are my soul mate, my partner and most trusted friend. I can’t imagine how my life would be without you. On your birthday, I want to remind you of all the reasons why I love you.
  • To live my life with you is all I desire, Happy Birthday!
  • I love you and I want you to know how lucky I am to have you! Happy Birthday!
  • I hope your birthday cake is as sweet as you are.
  • When I‘m with you, it‘s like a dream come true for me, cause you are the most amazing girlfriend in the world! Happy bday, my sweetie!
  • You are my love, my life, my happiness! I promise to make your Big Day especially lovely and sweet!
  • On your special day, baby, I want to let you know that you are the most special girl that I have ever met in my entire life!
  • From all the stars that you see at night, I’d name one star after you. And that’s my Birthday gift to you which can never get erased from this world. With lots of love, your —21
  • I wish I could attach my heart to this Birthday wish. That’s how much you mean to me. I wish you always be happy and I’ll do everything to make you so.
  • Blow your candles,Make a wish, And I will give you Sweet big kiss!
  • Did you hear a light tap on your shoulder this midnight? It wasn’t Santa Claus, it was me wishing you a very Happy Birthday!
  • Have I ever let it on that you are more kissable on certain days of the year? Well, today is one of those days. Happy Birthday.
  • Here is a birthday kiss, a birthday gift, and a birthday wish for my sweetheart who brings joy and bliss into my life. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to the sweetest girl! You deserve all of the love and happiness in the world.
  • Even when I am depressed and sad, you are the medicine that always brings back my grin. With you beside me, I know I will always win. Happy Birthday, gorgeous
  • This year, you complained a lot about us being poor. And although you are kind of exaggerating, I have decided, instead of the extremely eloquent wishes I usually extend, to dedicate to you a lyric from your favorite band, Jet: So, “You don;t need the money when you look like this honey”.
  • I truly can’t remember your exact age, but you surely look a year younger than last year. Happy birthday!
  • I almost forgot your birthday. That’s why I didn’t buy you anything, except from these flowers, these golden earrings and this diamond ring, which I just forgot back home. So, you’ll have to be compromised with just… me!
  • Well, I’m afraid I have to leave early tonight. I really have to meet with a special girl with the most amazing looks! Well, you already know her; have a look at the mirror! Happy birthday pretty!
  • Happy birthday! Your special day is joyously, incredibly, awesomely and wonderfully special to me because you’re joyously, incredibly, awesomely and wonderfully THE most special person in my life.
  • When I’m not with you, I just shut my eyes and, like magic, everything I adore about you, pops into my head, making me feel like you’re with me. So, even though I can’t be with you on your special day, just shut your eyes and right beside you will be me. Happy birthday!
  • Stunning and beautiful is the view, when I close my eyes and think of you. Happy birthday girl.
  • Apart from wrapping you an awesome birthday gift, I am also going to wrap you in my arms. Happy birthday sweetheart.

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Birthday Messages for Girlfriend in English

  • On the lovely occasion of your birthday, I just want to remind you that I deeply, truly, madly am in love with you. Let’s make the most of your big day today!
birthday messages for girlfriend images
birthday messages for girlfriend images
  • I wish that the shoulder you rest your head upon is always mine. I wish the hand that supports you is mine. I wish the ears that listen to you when you talk is mine. I just want to be there for you always and forever. Happy Birthday to you, my angel!
  • Nothing brings me more happiness than the smile on your face. I want to see that smile on my girlfiend’s lips forever. Celebrate! You deserve the best.
  • No words could ever describe my love for you. It’s larger than the universe and it’s deeper than the ocean. Happy Birthday, my girl!
  • You are kind and gracious to all but for me you are not just another person on the street, to me you are the best friend and the love of my life. descended from havean today, years ago.
  • You are a very special woman and today is your birthday so I thank God that made you so perfect and I wish you all the love and good in the world and sending you kisses and hugs. Happy Birthday my love!
  • H for the happiness you bring every day
    A for the promise I’ll love you always
    P for the person I’ve grown to love
    Another P just for fun because you’re sent from above
    Y because yes I think dreams do come true
    And finally (finally) Happy Birthday to you!
  • Your eyes are like a thousand lamps that light up my life. Your lips are like a thousand rosebuds that fill the world with their beauty, and your hands are like a thousand talismans that protect me. Thanks for being there for me, sweetheart. Wishing you a very happy birthday.
  • For every candle that you light on your cake today, I wish you ten times its happiness. Don’t ever stop being my soul mate. Happy birthday, cupcake.
  • You and I may be far apart, but my wishes are with you on your birthday. Happy Birthday My Dear!
  • The distance between us grows but so does our love for each other. Happy Birthday.
  • To see you happy on your birthday is all I desire. I hope you get whatever you wish for. Happy Birthday!
  • With each gift that you open today, I hope your happiness multiplies. May you get success in all you do.
  • I want to wish you Happy Birthday in a special way. You and I should be together.
  • I hope you know I cherish you and out times together. There is no better day to let you know than on your birthday.
  • May your birthday be filled with love laughter and happiness. God bless you on this special day.
  • You may be older than yesterday, but you’re younger than tomorrow. Happy birthday.
  • While many people may be thinking of you on your birthday, I want you to know I’m first on that list!
  • To wish you success is all I desire. I hope you have a blast on your birthday and cherish it forever!
  • Have I told you that you become more kissable on certain days of the year? Today is one of them. Happy birthday.
  • Stunning and beautiful is the view, when I close my eyes and think of you. Happy birthday girl.
  • Apart from wrapping you an awesome birthday gift, I am also going to wrap you in my arms. Happy birthday sweetheart.

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Birthday Messages for Girlfriend Images

birthday messages for girlfriend images
birthday messages for girlfriend images
birthday messages for girlfriend images
birthday messages for girlfriend images

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