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Rudy Boy Gonzalez Speaks Training Daniel Bryan and Working With Shawn Michaels

Rudy Boy Gonzalez Speaks Training Daniel Bryan and Working With Shawn Michaels:

Rudy Boy Gonzalez Interview

During his time on the show he talked about his time training Daniel Bryan and working with Shawn Michaels.

“The period of time you’re talking about was that he’d ‘the mind-set’ and ‘was difficult to work with’ and he did not need to lose the belt and he had the fight with Bret Hart. But at the wrestling school, he was merely another man. All the things that I’d learned about him, we were not really pals although we lived in the same town. We’d see each other in the hall and simply say whats up I did things with WWF. The very first day of training we only discussed and it was Jose Lothario, Ken Johnson and me and we only talked about our thoughts were all exactly the same and what we needed. Not that there’s anything wrong with what Ken or Jose needed but Jose needed more of the old school fashion of beating up men and getting them earn it. But we educated guys and handled them as young men.”

On training Daniel Bryan

“You knew he was really going to really have a place because Bryan was only ‘that man’ and only a nice guy. He did everything that was consistently on time and was asked of him, trained hard and did things without an explanation. He was constantly asking questions. Brian Kendrick and he became really good friends and were also quite competitive so subsequently Bryan Danielson would work twice as hard to out due Brian Kendrick, if by chance I’d say to Spanky that was quite great. But seeing him rise the manner I see him he’s and I’m proud of him, wish him the best with his health problems and I expect he gets over it.

On Being the First Match of Daniel Bryan

See how he does and Shawn had requested to place him in a show. He had wrestling shoes a pair of short pants and a muscle shirt and did not have any equipment. Shawn desired us to go like ten minuets, so I told him to do what he needed to do. I am not embarrassed to say this but two minuets into the match I was blown sky high. He took off and I did not need to quit him. I overcome him and I ‘ve an undefeated record against Bryan Danielson, when we went home.

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