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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th July 2016 Episode Written Updates: Meera Apologize Vidya!

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th July 2016 Episode Written Updates: Meera Apologize Vidya!

In last night episode of the TV series Saath, Nibhana Saathiya started with Vidya asks Meera that she locked in the toy room. Meera says we don’t want that plaything room as Priyal will not here in this house. Vidya is shocked, and she asked why to know that Meera decided to send her to the boarding school.

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Kokila is shocked and attempt to explain to her that what Gopi is meant for her, but all goes in vain as Pari heard nothing.

Saath-Nibhana-Saathiya-17th-August-2015-Full-Episode-1483Vidya is upset to know that Meera is all set to send Priyal in the boarding school, and she then requested to her that how dare she can take such a choice without asking for her but about this Meera said that don’t forget Priyal is my daughter.

Vidya yells that she had her and Meera just adopted her. Unexpectedly Priyal comes and inquired where the toy room is. Vidya didn’t reply instead request her to sleep. Meera said that no one can prevent her from sending Priyal to the boarding school and became furious.

Kokila now woke up from sleep and she sees that Gopi is constantly working despite now she is having the temperature. Kokila asked as Belgi will come now Gopi to sleep for some time and she’s to meet with him with her demo.

But Parmila says that she’s having the temperature and she needs Gopi to be with her. Kokila asked about Gopi entire night that she wakes, and she’s helping Parmila. Kokila praised her.

He needs to meet with Gopi so Urmila decided to sit in front of Parmila in Gopi’s attire and now Belgi comes and Gopi will hurry to meet with Belgi.