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Smart House Technology for Saving Energy

Energy prices are on the rise, and homeowners want to find a way to save power on their own merit. Programmable thermostats can help homeowners manage the temperature in their home in an energy-efficient manner. They can set the temperature back for times when they aren’t at home or are sleeping and lower their heating and cooling costs in that manner. Adjustments can also be made through smart thermostats that can monitor habits within the home and slow down energy use. You can even use your smartphone to control the thermostat.

Motorized window shades help homeowners make use of window coverings in a new way. Most residences leave their coverings in the same position all day long, but adjusting them can save quite a bit of energy over time. Motorized shades can be programmed to raise and lower at certain times of the day to help the energy stay inside the house, saving on heating and cooling bills once again.

Smart plugs and power strips put an end to phantom power-sucking, which drains power even when things attached are off. There are appliances that draw power all day long, even when they aren’t in use, and no one is home. These plugs alleviate that strain on the bills.

Ceiling fans give homeowners nice air circulation, but powerful ceiling fans can also cool the home without consuming as much energy as running the air conditioner. In addition, a whole-house monitoring system can make the house smarter all around and allow you to know where to cut back in your energy use.

Energy Infographic