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Standing the Test of Time: Interior Design “Trends” That are Here to Stay

You heard of “trends” before, right? Of course, you have. Trends are things that are considered “here today, gone tomorrow.” You’ve seen trends in clothing, makeup, and even in various hairstyles. Just think about it, could you ever forget the trend of wearing bell-bottom pants or wearing black lip liner? But to be fair, clothing, makeup, and hairstyles aren’t the only areas that have experienced trends. The world of interior design has seen its fair share of trends that have come and gone and don’t need to ever reappear in the interior design world.

If you can believe it, there was a point in time where yellow or olive green walls were one of the hottest trends in interior design. If your home didn’t have walls in those colors, you might as well have been living in the stone ages. That’s the thing about trends. You can’t really tell if something is going to stick around for the long haul or if it’s only going to be a short-lived fad. It’s especially hard to tell in the world of interior design.

Not only is it hard to tell but it’s also something that you want to make a wise and conscious decision on because some of these interior design trends you might like can be a very expensive buy for you to only like it for a few weeks or months and then it’s no longer cool. If you’re looking to spruce up your home and give it a new look, make sure you invest in timeless pieces and design aspects.

Now, with you being the homeowner wanting your home to be spruced up, it’s wise to consult with experienced interior designers. That’s not saying that you can’t make your own decisions or that you don’t know what you want, per se. Hiring an experienced interior designer is simply going to help you design your home in a way that suits your liking as well as give it a look that will stand the test of time and ultimately make your home’s interiors timeless.

What Makes a Home’s Interiors Timeless?

What makes a home’s interiors timeless? Well, the answer to that question comes in three parts: functionality, environmental balance, and simplicity. You’re probably wondering how that relates to timeless. Well, if you look back at certain design elements from the past that are still relevant today, you’ll see that those elements served a function, they were simple, and they brought balance to the room.

From the perspective of balance, whatever design elements you choose, they need to balance the room out. If you have a small living room, you don’t want to place a huge sofa in the room. It won’t make the room look balanced; instead, opt for smaller furniture pieces. With the aspect of simplicity, you always want to think, quality over quantity. With the aspect of functionality, you want to ask yourself if your home is a home that you could have lived comfortably in 60 years ago and if it’s a home that you could live comfortably 60 years from now.

Now that you know the three design elements that make a home’s interiors timeless let’s take a look at the actual design “trends” that you can incorporate into your home and know that they’ll never go out of style.

Timeless Design Elements

One Focal Point For Every Room

Every day we are exposed to various stimuli that can make us feel happy, sad, relaxed, and even overwhelmed. When you’re at home, the only stimuli you need to be exposed to are feelings of happiness and being relaxed. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you’re not making your home overly stimulating for your senses. That’s why it’s a good rule of thumb to have one focal point per room.

Focal points can be whatever you want it to be. A focal point can be a chandelier, a view from your window, or a piece of artwork. Essentially, a focal point is where your eyes go as soon as you walk into the room, just make sure that focal point isn’t something that will immediately stress you out when you walk into the room.

Neutral Color Schemes With Pops of Color

Neutral colors are colors like white, tan, gray, and beige. They pretty much are colors that go with anything and definitely ensure that your home won’t look outdated. Neutral colors are safe colors for that reason, but in being “safe,” people also associate neutral colors as being boring as well.

Just because you choose neutral colors for your home, doesn’t mean your home has to be boring. For one, if you design your home the right way or choose the right interior designer, you can make your home’s interiors look very elegant and classic using only neutral colors, so don’t sleep on them. Secondly, if you’re someone who likes bright colors, you can always have your base color be neutral and have your secondary color be something bright… That’s the great thing about neutral colors. They go with any color you choose!

Marble, Marble, Marble!

Marble is a stone that is gorgeous for flooring and countertops for your kitchen and bathroom. Now, marble is expensive and can get very expensive if you have a big kitchen or bathroom to cover. Nonetheless, it is classic, elegant, and timeless

Excellent Lighting

They say a smile can light up a room. That may very well be true, but in the world of interior design, excellent lighting is what can light up a room, and it’s something that will never go out of style. Whether it’s natural lighting from the massive bay window you have or an elegant chandelier, you have hanging over your bed. The right lighting won’t just brighten a room. Bright rooms can also put you in a better mood upon entering that room. Just imagine how happy you could be in your home all the time if your entire home had excellent lighting.

Natural/Outdoor Elements

Plants, natural light, and wood elements are things that will never go out of style.  Also, they look great with any design style.  Even if it’s just small elements here and there. If you have an industrial design home, natural light and a plant aren’t going to take away from the design at all. It will actually bring a warmness to the industrial look without taking away from it.

What Timeless Trend is Best For You?

As you can see, there are quite a few timeless design elements that are here to stay.  But there are several more to consider. These are just a few of the top ones you can’t go wrong with. Before you jump into giving your home a facelift, be sure to consult with an experienced interior designer or interior design firm first. An interior designer will ensure you’re not investing in a “here today, gone tomorrow” trend that will end up costing you lots of money.