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Star Plus: Full written episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd November 2015

Star Plus: Full written episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd November 2015:

Begins with everyone fete Bhai dooj. Ishita and Simmi leaves tells Prateek. Simmi comes to a resort, while Prateek and Abhishek follow her. Abhishek says he feels Ashok’s goals wrong. Prateek says we should shoot Ashok’s pic and Simmi that Raman can be shown by Ishita. Simmi with pics will be unable to lie when Raman faces her. Abhishek asks secretary for details. Abhishek will not give details. The woman gives details to him. Prateek and Abhishek knock on the doorway.

The door opens and gets shocked seeing them. Simmi questions what are they. Abhishek says let’s come inside. He says we need to see what’re you really speaking to Ashok. Prateek requests who’s he. Simmi says he’s my husband. Abhishek reminds she’s divorced, does her family understand she’s meeting with my husband. Abhishek says its my private life, I am going to determine, its none of his company, she hasn’t given right to anyone. Abhishek asks them to leave immediately. They leave. The door closes. Abhishek says the door’s quite odd is Simmi acting like this. Prateek says we believed Abhishek came to meet with Ashok, but she came to meet with her ex husband, are those guys connected. Abhishek says we can be told by Ishita.

Suraj says she insulted me infront of everyone and remembers Vandu’s smack. Vandu scolds servant and throws the water glass. Ashok requests him not to get mad the waterglass Suraj’s error on servant, to present necklace, him dissed by smacking, does he not care because of his admiration. He goes.

Ishita expects Simmi isn’t offender and waits for Abhishek. Ishita is lost in discussions and ideas to Neelu. Ishita says your telephone is fortunate than me, I wish I was your telephone. Ruhi takes telephone and says you do humor. Ishita inquires whose call is coming, your phone’s away. Ruhi says I’ll put on charging. Simmi comes. Simmi believes Prateek and Abhishek didn’t tell Raman that she met with Parmeet, she can not tell Raman truth. My husband asks her to reply. Simmi says she’ll determine what to share with my husband, its her life. Parmeet goes. Ishita says I’ll make an effort to speak to her. Raman says no use, this will not solve.

Ishita says Raman has my telephone and waits for the call, they’d be calling, my telephone isn’t charged. Simmi shouts in her room. till when will I conceal all this. Ishita discussions to Prateek Abhishek and Shagun, and inquires how can Simmi meet Parmeet, she was wedding Subbu and broke her relationship with Parmeet. Shagun asks Simmi not to stress and not request, Parmeet will use Simmi, he’s with Ashok. Abhishek says I’ve my team after Ashok also. Whats occurring are thought by Ishita, Simmi met Parmeet and Ashok, he’ll be after Raman, Parmeet is creep, but is Simmi meeting Parmeet.

Mihir meets Raman and comes to Bhalla house. Raman says the bad news’ good. Mihir says I mean there’s something incorrect in our office, you’ve got to look into it. Raman says contracts are made by Pathak, we’ll call him, come have dinner.

Pathak comes and greets everyone, the contract’s morning. Bhalla asks for tea. Ishita tells Abhishek when Simmi leaves that she is going to advise. Raman is asked by Pathak did he call desperately. Raman inquires is Pathak in any pressure, every contract has loopholes. Pathak says sorry, I had some private difficulties, such errors will not occur. Raman requests few days leave to be taken by Pathak. Pathak says I m good. Ananya is asked about by Simmi. Pathak asks her is she. Simmi says I m good.

Pathak inquires Raman and Ishita is Simmi great. Ishita inquires why, what occurred to her. Pathak says she was buying many medications from chemist, much cash has been drawn by her from her account and Raman, I got bank message in morning. Raman says I’ll speak with Simmi. Ishita says wait, I’ll ask her my way. Parmeet goes.

Shravan and Ruhi say their dad is the greatest. Simmi weeps seeing this. Shravan and Ruhi see Ananya missing her Papa. Shravan inquires will Ananya constantly be unhappy. Vandu questions do you feel she is going to not be glad. Shravan says Ananya does not have any dad. Ishita hears them and comes there.

Simmi what’s the issue is asked by Ishita. Simmi will not tell her. Prateek that Simmi left is told by Ishita, when she returns, I’ve a strategy